Fresh Goods Friday 478 | Coffee, JDM and Wing!

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Fresh Goods Friday is a little like Christmas, only instead of once a year we get it once a week! In this week’s round-up of goods, we have new hardtail bikes (one carbon and the other electric), new tools, tyres for a good cause and Andi has even treated himself to a new ride!

Kinesis Rise

Kinesis rise hardtail fresh goods
Is that really an e-MTB?

Yes, this really is an E-Bike! Kinesis has been kind enough to bring us one of the first Kinesis Rise e-MTB’s to enter the country, in actual fact we’ve had all size of Rise in the office and even took them out for a local ride with the Kinesis guys.

As you can see, the Kinesis Rise is a hardtail e-MTB, but to keep it stealthy and non-ebike like, a compact Fazua motor and battery system is used rather than a larger Bosch or Shimano motor. Although the Fazua system isn’t as powerful as some motors we’ve found that the slight assist that it does provide is more than enough for all sorts of riding. Full review of this sleek e-MTB coming soon.

Mondraker Carbon Chrono R

Mondraker Chrono R fresh goods friday
Mondraker Chrono R

This sleek-looking race hardtail has come in for an upcoming magazine test. The Carbon Chrono R is built around a stunning carbon XC frame using Mondraker’s own Stealth carbon technology. The 1x only frame also has a threaded BB, Boost wheel spacing and is Di2 compatible for future upgrades.

Specification on this £2399 version of the Chrono includes a RockShox Sid Select fork with 100mm of travel, an SRAM SX Eagle drivetrain, Truvativ Stylo cranks and powerful Shimano brakes.

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VeeTire Co. Jordie Lunn Tyres

lordie lunn vee tire flow snap fresh goods friday
All the money goes to charity!

VeeTire Co. has released a special edition Jordie Lunn tyre based on the popular Flow Snap tread. Vee has released this model in limited quantities and all the proceeds that the company receives from this model will be donated to the Road2Recovery Fund to help out Jordie’s family. Go and buy one for a good cause now!

DMR Vault Pedals

dmr vault pedals fresh goods friday
Hannah’s top pick pedals!

The DMR Vault pedal is a firm favourite of both Brendan Fairclough and Hannah, two of the best-known downhill and freeride mountain bikers on the planet. This is the updated Vault and so uses a large 105 x 105mm platform, 11 replicable pins and easy to service bearings and DU bushings.

Lezyne T Drive

lezyne tool fresh goods friday
Easy to carry top-quality toolage.

A pocket-sized T-drive tool that comes in its very own soft shell carry case. Lezyne has designed the T-Drive to offer comfort and plenty of leverage for spannering on your ride while out on the trail.

This compact tool is made of machined aluminium, features a removable handle and uses an integrated magnet for holding the supplied bits in place.

Park Tool BBT 69

park tools fresh goods friday
For brakes and BBs.

This BB tool from Park Tool is your usual high-end machined item and although it says it’s for bottom brackets we’re probably be going to using this mostly for fitting brake discs.

Barista and Co Coffee Goodness

Barista and co coffee set
Prepare to be caffeinated!

Barista and Co. has sent us a trio of tools for retaining an optimal level of caffeine in our bloodstream. First up is the Brew it Stick, it kind of looks like a toilet brush but it’s actually designed to make brewing coffee as simple as possible. Simply fill the stick with coffee and pour water over and you’ll have a brew in no time (can also be used with tea).

The £29.99 Twist Press is a little more complex and uses a combination of hot water and pressure to make the perfect coffee, while the One Brew does exactly what you imagine it does for just £21.99.

Andi’s Honda Stepwagon

  • Price: £3750
  • From: Japan
Andi joins the van brigade!

Andi has finally bought himself a van, but not wanting a monster of a vehicle (and also wanting to be a little different) he has gone for a Honda Stepwagon. Motor vehicle fans may know that the Stepwagon isn’t officially available in the UK, and this example is a JDM spec and Andi is the first UK owner.

For a 12-year-old van, it’s in very good shape and like all Japanese cars, it comes with an impressive spec including motorised sliding doors, digital dashboard, 4 wheel-drive, and a 2 -litre VTEC Petrol engine.

As for music this week we’re going to enjoy another beat from Andi’s son (Andi really is hoping that he becomes a superstar and makes a ton of cash so please like and subscribe), followed by a Christmas classic!

Now it’s Christmas!!

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Comments (16)

    Nice Stepwagon! I’ve wanted an Elgrand for years now, but every time I go to get a new vehicle I don’t commit (ended up with a Subaru Forester this time). Next time though….

    @johnw1984 Cheers mate. I had a look at the Elgrand’s too but the floor in the Stepwagon seems lower so there’s more space to get bikes in and get changed. I almost went down the Forester route too, loved my old Impreza but with 3 kids the Stepwagon is way better.

    “Is that really an e-MTB?” Well I would certainly hope so with a great fat ugly down tube like that!

    Stepwagons are ace. I imported a similar RG shape one earlier this year, kids love it.

    What type of disks use a bottom bracket fitment? If it was a cassette lock ring tool/centrelock rotor I could understand, but….?

    @tthew there are also centerlock rotor lockrings that use the HT2 splines. I think it is supposed to offer better axle or bearing clearance.
    Irritatingly we’ve got a disc road bike at home that uses a cassette lockring pattern on the rear, and HT2 on the front.

    @singletrackandi can we have a review of the Stepwagon as a bike lugger?
    Been eyeing one up for a couple of years but my Civic won’t die. Be good to see what they are like with a couple of modern longer bikes in etc.

    @jamesfifield Thanks, everyday is a schoolday! 2 standards on one bike, what a PITA.

    @kamakazie sure I don’t see why not. I’ll see what I can do 😀

    Cheers. Stick it on the forum if there’s no ask for it as a proper article!

    Get it dinitrol rust treated mate. They dont salt in Japan so once it’s in the UK itll not weather underneath very well….

    Be bullet proof mechanically otherwise

    Are you still a one car family @singletrackandi or has a miserable autumn’s commuting taken it’s toll on your inner Greta Thunberg?

    +1 for a Stepwagon review

    @peakblagger nope still have the Panda 100, although I’m thinking either an Abarth or a retro Prelude could be in my future.

    The HT2 lockrings are used on bikes with thru-axles, normal cassette-type lock ring does not leave enough space for those.

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