• I considered an S-150. I’ve never really been a fan of Whyte bikes, but their recent stuff has really caught my eye.

    I’m 2 rides in on my 2020 Slash 8 and honestly, it’s the best bike I’ve ever had. Did a 24 mile/3000ft loop the other day and still felt reasonably fresh at the end. For a bigger travel bike, it pedals very well and the slight SA…[Read more]

  • There’s a nice medium T130 in the classifieds. You can get a very nice bike second hand if you’re willing to look around and be patient.

  • I’ll go for some ACI spokes then as it’s pretty unanimous 🙂

    Watch this space!

  • I’ve read a bit of Sheldon Browns’s site in the past, but I’ve also got the Roger Musson PDF that I got years ago. I’ll do plenty of reading this week and shop around for bits.

    Going to get a few of the tools ordered too. Excited to get my first set built now! I would like to build some really nice wheels in the future for me and the missus.

  • Good stuff, thanks a lot for the info all. I was going to ask about spoke tension gauges as the majority of the research I’ve done has leant towards not bothering with one.

    I’ll have a look around for suitable rims and play about with the spoke calculator and see where I go from there.

  • I’ve literally 0 DIY skills so making anything is out of the question 🙂

    I’ll have a look at the Cyclus nipple centre-driver tool and get a decent spoke key too.

    Where do people buy spokes and nipples for a reasonable price? I’ve read that I should go with brass nipples (can you get coloured brass?).

  • Ah cool, thanks for the tips. @dovebiker sending you a PM now, that’s very generous of you!

    I’ve read that you can use your frame etc, but from what people tell me it’s much easier and less faff to put them in a stand.

  • After having a bargain set of wheels sold from under me I thought about actually building my own. I’ve been wanted to have a go for ages and I actually bought the Roger Musson PDF a while back.

    The only thing I have is hubs. I’m looking for a cheapish wheel truing stand and associated building tools.

    I’m building a set of XC wheels for my Ibis…[Read more]

  • IF you wanted to stick to Bontrager, I’ve been impressed with the XR4 (2.4) rear/XR5 (2.6) front combo on my Slash.

    Ride all sorts of slop, rocks and roots with them and they’ve been fantastic. Grippy, fast rolling and predictable when they do let go.

    Second favourite combo is the classic Magic Mary and Hans Dampf on my other bike.

  • johnw1984 replied to the topic PSA – Brand X droppers in the forum Bike Forum 2 days ago

    Nice one, cheers for that!

    Just got the missus a 30.9 in 120mm drop for £89.99.

  • johnw1984 replied to the topic New Bike Day No. 125 in the forum Bike Forum 3 days ago

    Ah yeah…

    It’s an XL and the seat tube is pretty long. I can just fit a 150mm dropper at full extension (actually spot on pedaling height).

    If it was any higher, I couldn’t have bought one. Most of my bikes have had big seat tubes though, even my Hightower was the same. One day I will get a frame and be able to fit a bigger dropper in it…[Read more]

  • johnw1984 replied to the topic New Bike Day No. 125 in the forum Bike Forum 3 days ago

    Just thought I’d post a little update after a first proper ride on the Slash 8. Yesterday I did my usual 25 mile/3000ft route starting at Rivington, then up to Darwen Tower/White Coppice and back.

    Tried to go into it without the “new bike goggles” and be honest with myself. It’s the biggest bike I’ve had and at first I was a bit apprehensive…[Read more]

  • If he’s sending the money through Friends & Family with no fees, then all the risk is with him. The only potential fallout from that is if the PayPal account isn’t his.

    I’m holding off putting mine on eBay for the moment to be honest.

  • johnw1984 replied to the topic Stupid headset question in the forum Bike Forum 5 days ago

    You can usually get a crown race that takes up the space. My DJ bike has straight steerer forks, but a tapered headtube. It came with a thicker crown race to take up the slack.

  • johnw1984 replied to the topic Fork upgrade from a 2018 Rev in the forum Bike Forum 5 days ago

    Sorry @binman, I was referring to the Fast Suspension Yari Up damper, not the official stuff. Sorry for the confusion 🙂

  • johnw1984 replied to the topic Fork upgrade from a 2018 Rev in the forum Bike Forum 5 days ago

    It should fit (it’s listed as a Yari/Revelation damper despite the name).

  • Hmm, then I’d contact the supplier and voice his concerns. I’d agree that the Fox 34 and Yari are a different category of fork. Especially for a “powerful” lad 🙂

  • johnw1984 replied to the topic New Frame recommendations in the forum Bike Forum 6 days ago

    I’m the same height as you and I get what you mean. Seat tubes are a minefield on XL bikes. Pretty much every bike I’ve had in the last few years has had a 150mm dropper slammed down, or near to the collar.

  • Before he goes demanding, I’d check the description on page. A lot of bikes I’ve looked at usually state that the spec can change from the product shown.

    At 160mm travel, I’d say the Yari is more suited. I’ve got a 150mm Fox 34 on one of mine and I wouldn’t want one any longer with 34mm stanchions.

    The Grip damper in the Fox is very good…[Read more]

  • johnw1984 replied to the topic New Frame recommendations in the forum Bike Forum 6 days ago

    I’d have suggested my Intense Spider 275c, but it’s a bit over budget 😉

    I’d be willing to split though if you were interested. Funnily enough, just before Christmas I was looking at putting a Helm fork on it to go with the coil I recently fitted.

    I went 29er and ended up with a Trek Slash 8, which feels like an ace all rounder. Would you not…[Read more]

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