Bike Bargains For Your Christmas Money

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Maybe you’ve been given cold hard cash, maybe you’ve got vouchers, or maybe you’ve got a big pile of things that don’t fit that you’re going to take back. However you’re funding it, we’ve got some bike sale bargains for you to spend your Christmas money on. Or, if you got nothing but terrible presents, maybe it’s time to treat yourself to something you actually want?

We’ve got a robot widget thing that’ll find the latest deals, but we’ve also been through and picked out a few highlights. If you click any of the links here, it won’t cost you anything extra, but we may well get a little commission from the sale, which will help support our work. Thank you!

SRAM AXS Groupset

More than a third saving to be had… tempting

OK, it’s still a lot of money, but if you were already thinking about buying the rainbow bling, this is surely a good time to take the plunge?

Kryptonite Folding Lock

£20 to keep you bike safer?

Everyone needs locks, so why not grab a bargain one while it’s there?

Shimano XT Brakes

shimano deore xt 4-piston brake pads scales weight
Stop more, spend less.

A pair of brakes for under £150? Well worth considering getting them in now so when you break something just before that big bike holiday, you’re all set for the fix!

Cannondale F-Si

cannondale lefty fork
It was a lefty before the saving was made.

Maybe you can buy yourself fast? 45% off is a lot of money saved.

Sealey Cordless Pressure Washer

Red Bull Foxhunt Mud Saracen Ariel
A pressure washer could be handy.

Getting back from a ride is so much easier when you’ve got a proper washer to hand. If you’re fed up of a weedy hosepipe or want to clean your bike before you put it in the car, this could well be the answer.

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