Singletrack Issue 127 | Letting go and finding flow

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Amanda takes a few days to ride and decompress in Denmark. Along the way she finds food, friends, trails and adventures, but most of all, she finds balance. 

Words Amanda Photography Max Schumann

As I stood on my tiptoes with the waves aggressively carrying me further away from the shore, I felt like I was like looking at the world through several Instagram filters… varying shades of blue and moonlight teasing the hazy silhouettes of docked boats. The outline of our hotel in the distance was just enough to convince me it was reality.

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Comments (2)

    I’ve just read this in the mag. It’s brilliant, I’d never considered Denmark as a mountain biking destination but now it’s on the shortlist, especially so for family hols, cheers!

    @chipko Thank you! I must admit, I would never have considered going had this opportunity not come up, but Denmark has so much to offer for mountain biking. Give the guys at MTB Slettestrand a shout if ever you plan a trip. They can advise you on good riding spots 🙂

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