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With Chipps and Mark away on vacation (no not holiday!) we can unleash our love of Italian puncture prevention goo, U.S tyre repair tools, winter riding gear and …. an ELECTRIC GRAVEL BIKE!!!!

Singletrack Magazine Issue 127

issue 127 cover
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As we start the gentle decomposition of autumn, a fresh new issue of Singletrack Magazine is being prepared. Make your last embers of summer riding enthusiasm get a little puff of air to boost them and warm your legs into the chill winds of winter.

There are lots of great features in this latest issue from a classic ride in the South Downs, an international adventure in Denmark, a trio of British steel hardtails test and much more!

Cairn Adventure 1.0

Cairn Adventure 1.0

Cairn Cycles has taken the idea of a lightweight versatile Gravel/CX/Adventure bike and added to it a clever Fazua motor. The Cairn Adventure 1.0 comes with an all-alloy frame that will accept either 700C x 45C tyres or 650B x 2.25in.

Cairn promises the bike has a capable geometry for tackling roads and trails, and the small Fazua motor gives you a little assistance for climbing. What’s interesting about the Fazua is that the E-Adventure 1.0 can be ridden with the motor attached for added power, but removing the motor and battery turns it into a regular pedal bike. Hannah already has her eyes on the Cairns so keep an eye out for her impressions in the coming months.

Lezyne Tubeless C02 Blaster

The Lezyne C02 Blaster is a 2 in 1 solution to fixing a tubeless puncture on the trail. The kit includes 2 x C02 cartridges with a build in a CNC valve and a neat little canister that contains sticky repair plugs and a metal poker for poking.

Lezyne Tubeless Tyre Repair Kit

Take the C02 cartridges and the lovely pressure valve away from the above C02 Blaster and you’re left with this tyre repair kit. For £20 you will have a CNC machined alloy canister with sticky plugs for fixing tyre tears while on the trail. A handy little thing to have.

Lezyne Classic Tubeless Kit

Lezyne Classic Tubeless Kit

A simplified version of the tubeless tyre kit that you can either leave at home or carry in your pack with the included plastic carry case. At just £10 this might make for a neat little stocking filler for…. We’re not going to say it.

Endura Freezing Point Jacket

This lightweight mustard coloured jacket from Enduro is designed for winter riding with PrimaLoft GOLD insulation to keep you nice and toasty warm. The soft-shell fabric is cut to ensure unrestricted movement and there are zip pockets to keep your coffee/tea change safe. Also available in black.

Endura Freezing Point Trousers

To go with the jacket, Endura has also sent over these fleece-backed soft-shell trousers for the coming winter season too. Again, they feature PrimaLoft GOLD insulation, and zip pockets, but also a silicone waist band and velcro adjusters to stop them from slipping while riding. It looks like Ross has claimed these too.

Effetto Caffelatex 1000ml

Effetto Caffélatex Sealant has a unique foaming action that promises to quickly plug leaks and punctures. The sealant is formulated for all types of bikes, will worth with or without tubes and is non-corrosive so you don’t need to worry about getting it on your bike. Also pictured is the optional £10 Caffelatex Latex Injector for topping up your sealant when required.

Effetto Espresso Doppio 125ml

This quick-fix might be just the job for racers as it inflates your tyre and adds sealant at the same time. Although we haven’t used it yet, it might be good for those large cuts in your tyres in the middle of a race stage, or just to help seal and very stubborn tyre.

Effetto Caffelatex ZOT Nano 10ml

The red clip fastens to your bottle cage bolts so you can clip this small bottle to your bike while riding. With the included precision injector the Zot Nano is designed for fixing for smaller punctures.

Effetto Vitamina CL 200ml

This powder additive is meant to be used with the Caffeltex tubeless sealant so that it can help to repair larger punctures. The idea being that this is added and then mixes in your tyre for better dispersion and a more reliable coverage.

Effetto Caffelatex Remover 50ml 

No matter how good you are with the sealant, there’s a good chance you’ll get some of it on some part of your bike that you’ll want to clean off. This specially formulated remover does just that with very little effort. It even works on clothes!

Singletrack Camo Hoodie

Camo Wamo hoodie

We are told that our new all-over “Camo Whamo” hoodie is incredibly fashionable right now… which is nice if you give a hoot about such things. If you would rather ride your bike than dish out hoots… don’t worry: it’s camouflaged, no one will notice you, or your new hoodie, or your net-hoot-worth.

Now we’re off to burn £1 million!

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