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You’ve done all your research, yeah?

If you are ready to cast your votes then head on down to our ballot box below. If you are still unsure then head back to our category index here and learn some more about this year’s finalists.

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You only get to vote once. If you miss out any categories you won’t be able to come back and vote later.

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Comments (7)

    What did Jay Rayner win an award for?

    There are categories I can make a judgement on, such as best image and best author, but again there is no option not to vote for categories of which I have no knowledge. So, I can either not vote for anything, or just pick an event and bike shop etc. at random which makes a nonsense of the whole thing!

    colin9 is right, half of these are just guesses. I want to vote for things I know about, but you’re forcing me to choose randomly for the others.

    well I’d love your vote for KoftheP. It’s just me trying to help riders in my spare time for no benefit.

    colin9 I voted for all the categories I had an opinion on and left the others blank. Seems to have worked fine.

    Spokes bike shop rules yeahhhhh

    Spokes !!!!!!!!

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