Watch Luca Shaw’s DH World Champs Course Preview

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Practice has already kicked off over at the UCI World Championship track in Mont St Anne, here’s Luca Shaw showing us how to ride this rough, fast track.

It’s a funny Downhill season this year with the World Championships taking place before the end of the DH World Cup Season. This is going to make for an interesting race as riders who are set to win the World Cup i.e Bruni, Hannah and Pierron, have to race hard enough in at Mont St Anne to win the World Champs, but not so hard they risk injury and their chances for an overall win.

It’s going to be particularly stressful for Tracey Hannah, who will be competing against both Tahnee Seagrave and Myriam Nicole at MSA, each rider back on the bike after injuries which destroyed their seasons.

Pompon and Seagrave back on their bikes for the MSA World Championships.

Racing kicks off this weekend with both the World Championship Cross Country and Downhill taking place.

Watch how rough the DH course is in this POV video shot by Syndicate rider Luca Shaw.

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    If anyone hears me say I want to do a UCI Downhill track, show me this again so I have time to change my mind. Daaaaaaaam that looks difficult!

    How is the video so smooth?
    Do the riders really soak up all the bumps or is it a camera stabilisation thing?

    I also lost count of the ‘omg I’m going to die’ moments. I reckon I’d need days to get down there and that’s probably not including hospital time.

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