Singletrack Issue 126 | Hope’s Helping Hand

by 6

How one engineering student’s idea became a reality thanks to Hope Technology.

Words & Photography Chipps

Maxime Lallemand loves riding bikes in the French mountains. He loves racing enduros, and blasting down mountains flat out. The only trouble is, he’s always had a bit of a weak grip on one hand. Not enough to stop him from hanging on, but enough to make constant hauling on the brakes an issue on long descents.

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Comments (6)

    BRILLIANT, nurturing young talent can only mean a brighter future for all cyclists no matter what obstacles life throws at us.

    what a brilliant story, thanks for writing that one up

    Hope must know this project is so low volume there is no way it will turn a profit and yet they did it anyway. Bloody good effort I reckon and I hope they can get some products out there. I think more of you as a company for doing this sort of work. Well done.

    Brilliant effort by everyone involved – well done.
    I’ve just emailed Dan Joyce, editor of Cycling UK’s magazine – there’s a host of their members that will benefit from this

    Low volume sales on this kind of thing, but in comparison to say Shimano or SRAM, Hope are low volume.
    They might be able to make this work.
    And for both them and riders who might benefit, I hope they do.

    (Apologies, I can’t get the pun out of that sentence. I would if I could)

    Brilliant problem solving and supporting a dedicated young person. Great stuff Hope and Maxime.

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