Cotic FlareMAX 132 Pack announced with MORE travel

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Cotic’s FlareMAX 132 Pack is a shock option that adds 12mm more travel to this sext steel full-suspension bike.

Cotic has made a very small but very interesting release this week that might have slipped under your radar.

Chances are if you aren’t signed up to the Cotic Newsletter you won’t have heard about the new Cotic FlareMAX 132 Pack. So what is it?

Cotic flaremax 132
12mm more travel!

Well, basically Cotic has taken the standard 120mm travel FlareMAX and tested it with a longer stroke shock. The testing went so well that they thought to release it as an option to customers called the FlareMAX 132.

If you haven’t already gathered, the 132 Pack adds an extra 12mm of travel to the nimble steel full-suspension bike for a total of 132mm. In addition to the longer stroke shock the build option also gets a special sticker so regular FlareMAX riders know why you’re hitting lines faster than they are.

Cotic flaremax 132
The secret is a 50mm stroke rear shock.

FlareMAX 132 bikes will be built up with 140mm travel forks and a standard 132 Pack is available at no extra cost while the bike with a DB Air CS Piggyback upgrade will cost an extra £200.

We spoke with Cotic about the idea behind the FlareMAX 132;

The background is that Chris Hall of Downtime Podcast has been riding his FlareMAX with a longer stroke shock, and people were asking about it. So numbers were crunched, and some test shocks acquired to check it all out… and it was all good. Stock of both the Cane Creek air shocks in the right length and stroke arrived in stock recently, so the launch of the FlareMAX 132 Pack can now happen.

Kelvin Owers – Cotic

Below we have photos plus the short release note Cotic sent to subscribers this week

Cotic FlareMAX 132 gallery

Press Release

Our 132 Pack is available as a frame and shock, and in multiple levels of complete bike build… from Silver up to Platinum.

We have two Cane Creek shocks available to take your FlareMAX up to 132mm rear travel, the DB AirIL, which is a no cost option on the complete bike builds, or the DB Air CS Piggyback which is a £200 upgrade available when customising the builds.

With this extra travel and speed you’ll be wanting a front end set up on your bike to inspire confidence, so we’ve fitted our 132 Pack builds with the super stiff, super tuneable X Fusion Trace 36 HLR fork with 140mm of travel. The Cane Creek Helm Air is also available with 140mm of travel for just £150 extra when customising your build.

The 132 Pack is available now with frame and shock starting from £1749, and complete bikes starting with the Silver 132 build at £3249.

Cotic has more information about the longer travel Cotic FlareMAX 132 over on their website.

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    Also worth noting that all existing owners need to do is chuck the longer 190x50mm shock for the same effect. Obviously you won’t have the flash sticker though!

    “Obviously you won’t have the flash sticker though!”

    People with functional eyes might count that as a blessing…

    This feels a bit like Apple releasing an iPad that’s almost as small as an iPhone so that you question every purchasing decision you’ve ever made.

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