Video | Midpoint – Brandon Semenuk

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Watching a Brandon Semenuk video is like sinking into a deep bath after a long ride, or sipping a G&T at sundown. Invariably smooth with a choice soundtrack, they’re a quiet sidestep from the usual mountain bike videos.

So lazy we’re having a lie down in the meadow.

This latest release is no different. There’s plenty of slo-mo, but it’s spliced with lazy trick after lazy trick. Seemingly effortless extensions at impossible angles, it lulls us into thinking it’s all easy. No braap, no roost, no sponsor close ups. Just skill, grace, form, shapes.

With beautifully sculpted jumps, contrasting light and thoughtful camera work, there’s as much art in this video as there is many a degree show. We don’t want to see the outtakes, just this three minute display of flow, flight and – for us mortals – fantasy.

Sit back and soak.

The loud thumbnail doesn’t do the video justice.

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Comments (3)

    This guy absolutely nails it literally every time. Another strong and well thought out video superbly produced.

    Since he stepped out of the competition limelight somewhat, every video he releases get better and better. Some boy.

    Too many slow motion shots !

    Makes it look totally unreal, what with the sleepy music too.

    What about some ACTUAL real time then play it again in slow motion…
    Or something like that…

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