HUNT All-Mountain Carbon H_Impact wheel set released for just £789

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Wheel wizards, HUNT, have released a new set of carbon rimmed all-mountain wheels with a lifetime crash replacement warranty and low £789 price tag.

The £789 HUNT All-Mountain Carbon H_Impact wheelset might not have a name that easily rolls off the tongue, but they have a price that is easier on the wallet than most carbon wheelsets plus a warranty that will keep you from worrying too much each time you hit a sharp rock.

Meet the new HUNT all-mountain carbon wheelset.

HUNT is offering its first carbon mountain bike rim in both 27.5in and 29in wheel options both at the same price and both featuring a wide 28mm internal rim measurement. As we’ve seen from other, more expensive carbon wheels, HUNT has tuned the wheelset to include front and rear-specific carbon lay-ups to improve compliance upfront and high impact strength on the rear.

The front specific rim weighs in at 460g for the 27.5in wheel and is laced up with just 28 spokes. The fewer spokes combined with the unique lay-up is tuned to offer better handling and vibration absorption. For the rear wheel, 32 spokes are used and a heavier 530g carbon lay-up is used to offer better impact protection.

Just £789 is pretty good for a set of carbon wheels.

HUNT’s all-mountain carbon wheels use RapidEngage MTB hubs with just 3° of engagement laced to the custom carbon rims with Sandvik T302 stainless steel, triple-butted, J-bend spokes.

Although marketed and aimed at the all-mountain crowd, HUNT worked with downhill riders Becci Skelton and Tom Makin on the new wheelset to ensure they can stand up to plenty of rough and tumble.

HUNT Downhill Privateer Wheelset

HUNT is also making downhill alloy wheels for little jumps like this.

In addition to the new All-Mountain Carbon H_Impact wheelset, HUNT has also announced a new alloy downhill wheelset called the Downhill Privateer Wheelset. Costing just £359, this durable set of hoops uses an alloy 6069-T6 rim material with a 26mm internal rim width.

The same super quick RapidEngage hubs are used as the carbon wheelset, but running attacher 1.8mm central butting J-bend spokes for additional durability.

HUNT Race XC Wide

The XC Wide might be lighter and narrower, but they still promise to be strong.

If you’re more inclined to ride up mountains than smash down them, then the new HUNT Race XC Wide wheelset could be for you. Designed for the demands of modern technical cross country racing, the Race XC Wide is only available as a 29in wheelset with a 24mm internal rim width.

The £399 wheelset weighs in at just 1486g and used the same blend of 6069-T6 alloy for the rims as the downhill wheelset. Although this wheelset is aimed at XC racers, HUNT states that they are durable enough for anyone planning to use them on a longer travel “downcountry” bike.

For more information on the new range of HUNT wheels head over to the HUNT website here.

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Comments (7)

    Interested, albeit what sells me carbon wheels now is the back up and warranty….clicked on the Hunt link and it just looks like a standard 3 year warranty based on their terms for defect?? Which is a bit short of the mark compared to Sixth element and We are one, sure they are slightly cheaper but that irrelevant if you have to pay to replace a rim even at an undisclosed ‘crash replacement’ rate….hopefully more clarity will follow as I’m genuinely interested

    Hey @russyh thanks for the question. The All-Mountains will come with a lifetime crash replacement for the first owner. If you damage them whilst on the bike, we’ll get it sorted at no cost, so you can get back out riding.

    We’ll always look to do what’s best for riders, so if you damage them somehow not riding we’ll be able to work with you on a crash replacement pricing.

    Thanks for pointing out the link, will get all the info added to our warranty page

    I was all excited thinking “ooh, here’s a nice lightweight carbon wheelset for the price of an alloy set” but then I looked at the specs to find they’re 1878g for the 29ers. When you can buy a (extremely well reviewed) set of strong 30mm alloy wheels, which weigh 100g less than these, for £630… I’m a little disappointed in these. I’m guessing they’re built for strength rather than weight? Any chance of a lighter trail/AM carbon wheelset coming in around 1600-1700g for the same money?

    @huntmountain so to be clear if I ride and case a drop, cracking a rim I get a free replacement including rebuild cost for life? By life I presume it’s like 5years? If so you got my attention as that’s similar to other providers. Just need to check weights vs my xm1501 30’s hopefully similar.

    “When you can buy a (extremely well reviewed) set of strong 30mm alloy wheels, which weigh 100g less than these, for £630… I’m a little disappointed in these”

    Does the alu wheelset come with a lifetime crash replacement policy?

    I’m with you Northwind, hence my questions around warranty. I can’t think of an alloy option where a life time rim replacement warranty is an option. When I’m back in the U.K. I’ll research more. But if the weight is broadly inline with my 1501’s I think this is a pretty sound offering at a welcome price point. Basically RRP is same as my Dt’s but if I smash em the replacement is free. Bingo

    looking forward to seeing them at ardrock, i had some aluminium dtswiss 30mm internals, which were great, but they flexed at times, replaced them with carbon wheels, cant see me going back anytime soon.

    looking forward to seeing the Graphene carbon coming out in the near future, even lighter and tougher material..

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