Singletrack Magazine Issue 125 | Chairlifted Orienteering

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Chipps takes on a mountain orienteering event in the Italian Dolomites, organised by Germans, where the idea is to hunt for dumplings that don’t actually exist, but which everybody gets at the end. 

Words & Photography Chipps

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And with that, our event was over almost as soon as it had begun. Within sight of the first checkpoint (with another eight to go) we had totalled a bike – the derailleur hanger smashed beyond repair. What now? This was going to be a long old day… but, as we discovered, one of the best days on a bike ever.

Dumpling what?

The Dumpling Hunt is one of three events organised by Holger Meyer and friends. Holger is a chiselled blonde German who’s been a mountain bike guide, a photo model, racer and event organiser. Think of him as a sort of German Ed Oxley or Guy Martin. The Dumpling Hunt, or ‘Knöedeljagd’, to give it its proper name, is part of a three-race series that takes in Switzerland (for the Schnitzelhunt), Austria (the Hörnli Trail Hunt) and this event in Val Gardena in the Italian Dolomites, just over the border from Innsbruck in Austria. You’d not know that this was Italy, though, the whole pretty mountain resort was full of Germanic riders, dressed in a rainbow of enduro colours, ready to take on the 2018 Dumpling Hunt.

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Disclosure: Chipps and Beate’s travel and accommodation were paid for by Endura.

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    Inspired to go visit, great article. Did you notice any campsites on your travels? Val Gardena seems to be a camping void. Recommend Soelden, it has a great if crowded campsite just down from the lifts.

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