Marino Bikes Announces Sell Off Of Sick Bicycles Frames

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The long and complicated saga of Sick Bicycles continues, with Marino Bikes, Sick’s Peruvian manufacturer posting this announcement on its Facebook page:

Sick Marino
Looks like Marino is trying to recoup costs.

Marino previously posted that it had made the frames for Sick Bicycles and the delay was due to non-payment rather than manufacturing or shipping problems, although that post was subsequently deleted.

In recent weeks there has been much speculation as to the financial status of Sick Bicycles and whether existing orders will be met. There are reports that those who have paid via PayPal have found themselves ‘timed out’ by the refunds process, while others have had more luck with claiming refunds via their credit card companies.

We’ve been in contact with Marino Bikes and we will be getting an updated report very soon, (allowing for time differences). We’ll also ask Sick Bikes for comment too.

In the meantime, Marino’s Facebook page is here.

Watch this space.

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