Maribor DH World Cup 2019 course preview with Gee Atherton

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Gee Atherton straps on the GoPro and takes us on a fast-paced course preview of the Maribor DH World Cup track.

With Claudio stepping away from track previews it looks as though pro riders will be handling the onboard videos this year. First up, for the DH World Cup season at least, is Gee Atherton.

“This track is a beast there’s absolutely no let up”Gee Atherton

Gee’s course preview shows the loam and root filled track in dry conditions, but judging by the weather forecast this is all set to change for race day with rain expected.

Although the start of the Maribor track begins off nice and wide on grass, it soon turns in to a physical, gap-filled course with a savage rock garden and off camber lines that a sure to catch a few riders out come race day. It definitely looks like the perfect place to fully test the latest Atherton Bikes DH prototype.

Here is last weeks Maribor track preview with Tahnee Seagrave and Vali Holl showing the slightly different route the European Cup race took.

Tune in later today for Maribor qualifying news, and check out our 10 things you should keep an eye on at Maribor article here.

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