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We’ve been so distracted with extreme weather changes, new bikes and Chipps’ holiday photos that this issue really has crept up on us. That’s not to say we aren’t prepared though – quite the opposite. This one is a belter! And we’re rather excited to tell you about our new potato starch packaging. Using 100% biodegradable, compostable, recyclable and reusable bioplastic packaging, your next issue of Singletrack Magazine will arrive safe and dry through your door, a little carb-heavy, but you don’t pay postage so that’s our problem.

Subscription Appeal

Before we delve into what is coming in the next issue we’d like to explain why subscribing is so important to us.

Creating content is expensive and it’s now more expensive than ever. At the same time advertising revenues are at an all time low (not just for us but for the whole publishing industry). Both of those issues mean that we can no longer rely on the advertising revenues to fund what we do and so we need to turn to you, our regular readers and supporters for help.

We don’t expect something for nothing though and since our subscribers are the most important stakeholders in our content we first and foremost make sure that you get a website experience free from direct display advertising. We also save the best content we produce for you, which is why some of our content is behind our paywall. You are directly funding this content, so it’s only fair that you get to exclusively read it.

We produce other content that is either free to all or only accessible by our free subscribers (registered users). Advertising around this content is vital to help us fund it, although in the current climate advertising no longer recoups our costs. The vast majority of our free to access content is therefore produced at a loss. It’s a hard truth that a small independent media company like us with a monthly audience across all channels around the 2 million mark finds it hard to sustain an existence.

But we see a way forward and it revolves around you, the reader.

We are working hard to create a subscription model that is great value and delivers high quality content from independent authors and contributors. Advertising will play a part in our future but it is not THE future of Singletrack. Our future lies with our subscribers and that’s why we are asking you to consider supporting us so we can continue to develop and adapt to the changing media landscape and provide you guys with the best version of Singletrack we can.

A greener, more sustainable Singletrack

From the next issue, Singletrack will be delivered to subscribers in a clear wrapping made of biodegradable potato starch. The old, opaque, plastic wrapping was part of the global waste problem we are all facing (to the tune of over 30,000+ wrappings/year from us alone) and while we are not going to change the world, we strive to contribute to a better way.

The new wrapping is more expensive for us but we feel it is important enough that we make this switch. We are not passing on this cost.

We’ve made other sustainable changes over the last year in our attempts to be more environmentally aware. We have installed solar panels at the office in order to try and reduce our imported energy use. We’ve chosen not to replace our Singletrack van. Singletrack is printed on sustainably sourced paper and we’ve chosen to not invest in increased distribution in the newsstand (newsagents, supermarkets etc) which is horribly wasteful of print copies. As a company, the role we play in being part of a more sustainable world is important to us and while we are not perfect we are trying our best and we will continue to improve with your support.

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Let’s take a peek at what’s inside…

Interview: Dan Atherton

124 dan atherton chipps singletrack 124
Nice day for it.

Chipps caught up with Dan Atherton for a tour of his extensive back garden and his plans to bring the masses to the Dyfi Valley.

124 dan atherton chipps singletrack
Chipps towed him in.

Singletrack 124 Filth Camp

singletrack 124 filth camp
The norm for us, an education for others.

Ever been annoyed by mesh toed shoes? Wondered who thought short sleeved waterproof jackets were a good idea? Or bemoaned the drying time of your waterproof gloves? We took one of those people responsible for that sort of thing, and gave them an education in The Way Of Wet Dust. What can a desert dwelling product designer learn from our tour of as much cold mud as we can find?

singletrack 124 filth camp
No, this isn’t a night ride, this is what we call daylight.

Singletrack 124 Classic Ride: Isle of Wight

singletrack 124 classic ride isle of wight
‘I’ll watch these, boys. You get yourselves inside.’

If you get on a boat, it’s a holiday, not a day out. Dean Hersey takes us on a tour of the whole island, and still gets us home in time for tea. It better be fish and chips.

singletrack 124 classic ride isle of wight
Sea view, sunshine and good friends.

Still Going: DMR Vaults

Hannah’s pedals have made a lasting impression on her.

Singletrack 124 Interview: Grayson Perry

singletrack 124 grayson perry
That’s the bike of someone who took riding seriously.

Grayson Perry might have been riding mountain bikes for 30 years, but Hannah thinks he’s yet to discover the best bits.

singletrack 124 grayson perry
It’s not scuffed, it’s vintage.

International Adventure: Rich Rothwell in Colorado

singletrack 124 rich rothwell colorado
Rich was tempted to lie down beside his bike.

It was all going so well until…he got to the start line? Rich takes on an arduous race through Colorado.

Bike Test: Long Haulers

singletrack 124 bike test antony
The only way to eat Monster Munch.
singletrack 124
Send the skinny tyres first. If they make it, you’re all safe.

Antony de Heveningham checks out three different approaches to carrying an awful lot of stuff on your bike. This is the bike test for anyone dreaming of riding until your hair grows long and your eyes a little starey.

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If you nip down to your newsagent or supermarket, your fun will stop there. But if you subscribe or buy your copy from one of our Premier Dealers, you’ll be able to enjoy the extended entertainment of our Premier Edition, which contains the following additional features:

Behind the Scenes: Bounce Cycles

singletrack 124 bounce cycles
Just whipping up a somethingorother.

Barney checks out this suspension tuning, bike building, lathe turning hub of unexpected activities.

International Adventure: Vanlife, Whistler

singletrack 124 vanlife whistler
Morning clouds or escaping van fumes?
singletrack 124 vanlife whistler
Everything is just perfect…?

If you’re thinking of spending some time on the road, instagramming your adventures and living your best life, this tale of close proximity, smelly kit and car park views might give you the dose of reality you need to stick at the day job.

Pete’s Pros: Joe Barnes

singletrack 124 joe barnes
Slippers just out of shot.

Pete Scullion continues his series of riding with the pros, by donning baffies (slippers to you non Scots) and having a chat with the cheery cheeky chappie who’s having a change of scene this year.

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    As a print subscriber it is one of my highlights when i come home to find it on the mat! I think the mag is excellent amd a high quality product. The environmental thought is nice to see amd becoming increasingly important to me and i think the wider community.

    Am happy to keep supporting you guys

    Also a print subscriber and fully support the environmentally sensitive direction, we really all need to do our bit.
    Looking forward to the Grayson Perry interview, great scoop!

    Big thumbs up for ditching the plastic wrapper !

    Really happy that you made the effort to ditch the plastic. I would happily pay extra for this and even make a donation to support sustainability.

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