Atherton Bikes Unveils 2nd model, a Titanium BMX with 22in wheels and disc brake!

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Atherton Bikes, or more correctly, Dan Atherton has just unveiled the second Atherton Bikes prototype, a titanium BMX with disc brakes.

We didn’t see this coming, but perhaps we should have. After stepping away from racing, Dan Atherton has spent a lot of time building trails, jumps, bike parks and the Hardline course, but he has also found the time to build an indoor skatepark where he and the rest of the Atherton brood like to hang loose on little bikes. So it actually makes perfect sense that Atherton Bikes has just unveiled it’s very own Bicycle MotoX bike!

Images appeared on Dan Atherton’s personal Instagram feed of the BMX, but it isn’t your normal run-of-the-mill 20in wheeled bike, nope Dan has done things a little differently.

First of all the Atherton BMX that Dan has been working on sports a Titanium frame, handcrafted by Ted James Design so we already know this is going to be a looker. Then rather than going down the 20in wheel route Dan has opted for larger 22in wheels, that might sound odd to anyone who hasn’t kept track of the BMX world over the past few years, but 22in wheels have been gaining popularity.

Oh, and forget the U brakes, this shiny stunt wonder runs disc brakes!

We don’t know what the weight of Dan’s prototype is but we’d wager it being significantly lighter than your standard 4130 bike, and likely a hell of a lot more expensive too.

Other details we can make out from the photos include a rather lovely etched Atherton logo along the downtube, while the build appears to be a mix of Crank Brothers and Hope components.

Back in January when we met with Dan, Gee and Rachel and spoke to them about the Atherton Bike project the trio did speak about trail bikes, and eBikes in addition to the downhill bike that we’ve seen them training on. The introduction of this welded titanium BMX though is perhaps a hint that not all bikes in the Atherton range will use the Titanium lug, carbon tube manufacturing method.

Watch this space for more Atherton Bikes news.

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    That’s bloody lovely!

    I’m not 12, so I’m struggling to find a reason to care…

    but you found enough energy to comment.

    Nice looking bike…

    Nice except for the disc brake. Maybe if you are only riding trails but considering the article states that he has built a skatepark it seems odd. I’m still in the 20″ 4 life yo camp but I can see 22″ works well for DJ and if you are more accustomed to the bigger wheels. As long as its fun.

    “but you found enough energy to comment.”

    I’m not short of energy, just appreciation for kid’s toys.

    Still, I’m hope you’ll be as impressed when they release their titanium Heelys and Clackers, too…

    Nothing wrong with BMX how ever old you are. Plus can appreciate good bikes what ever the genre.

    Man gets expensive custom bike built. Posts it as “Prototype” for his startup bike company on Instagram. Bike now 100% tax deductable. Genius! ;0)

    Looks nice. Nowt wrong with having fun on bikes, whatever shape or size they are 😀

    keithr, sucking the joy out of life since forever #funsponge 😆

    Nice to see he is using Revenge Industry 22in wheels and tyres (S&M bikes sub company) and it looks like S&M 22in Pitch forks going by the box on the floor

    Ti forks are not a good idea, saw a friends set last 20 mins before snapping at the steerer tube, frame is still going strong though

    Love the idea of a disc brake set up but not very good for skate park use especially for someone like me who likes to run pegs all round

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