Singletrack Newsdesk 3: West Yorkshire’s New Bike Park and more

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This week Andi reports on a brand new bike parking opening in West Yorkshire, fills us in on the £2500 Trust Message fork and explains how subscribing to Singletrack Magazine will save the planet.

As always you can watch the Singletrack Newsdesk video or you can skip it and read the highlights below.

New Bike Park Opening in West Yorkshire

Wetherby bike trails
Wetherby bike trails.

A volunteer group in Wetherby West Yorkshire has built a new bike park with pumptrack and jump lines to suit all levels and abilities. The project started out as a group of local riders building a small pump track and XC loop but over the years the project has grown.

Wetherby bike trails
Local trails by local riders.

The group has now built trails for all ability of riders with help from locals groups and even landowners who have donated land to the project. The new bike park is due to open on Saturday, April 13th.

Trust Performance Message Available in the UK for £2500


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This is what happens when you leave Andi and Ross alone in the workshop😒 . @specialized_uk @spenglecarbon @trust_performance . #thefutue #mtb #mountainbike #specializedmtb #stumpjumperevo #linkagefork #trusperformance #spenglewheels #enduromtb

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If you follow Singletrack on IG then last week you may have seen this. Its a specialised Evo but we added a pair of Spengle wheels and a Trust Message linkage fork. If you like the look of that build then you’ll be happy to learn that the Trust Message fork is now available in the UK for £2500 through Upgrade. The Message will only be available through physical bike shops, where the fork will be fitted and you’ll be talked through the setup process. If you’re considering to buy one then get down to one of the demo days at Leisure Lakes, the Malverns and Ard Rock, more info here.

New Sonder Transmitter

2019 sonder transmitter
New colours and new geo for 2019

Sonder has updated its popular Transmitter hardtail for 2019. The new bike has updated geometry including a longer reach and a true 65° HA based on a 150mm fork at sag. The new changes also include size specific chainstay lengths, updated dropouts and internal cable routing. There are also 3 new glossy colours. Pricing for the frame only costs £300 while complete bikes range from £999-£2799. Full details here.

Hero Skin body protection


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We are the next generation, fully flexible, breathable body armour for cycling, snow and contact sports. #comingsoon #HeroSkin #bodyarmor #mtb #snowsports #bikecommute #extremesports #sportsprotection #injury

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A new protection kid on the block Hero Skin is an up an coming company who claims to be releasing a next-generation body armour. We don’t know much about it other than the protection system will be designed for cycling, snow and extreme sports and will be fully flexible and breathable. Watch this space.

The next Singletrack Magazine will come in a potato!

124 dan atherton chipps
Chipps interviews Dan Atherton.

Singletrack Magazine subscriptions cut off at midnight on 15th of March so be quick if you want to get the latest edition of the mag delivered to your door. The upcoming issue features a bike test of cargo mountain bikes from Salsa, Trek and Mason plus an interview with Dan Atherton.  Full description here.

And! If you get our next magazine delivered you will also be helping us to save the environment as we are now using eco-friendly potato starch bags for packaging.

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If you like what we do - if you like our independence then the best way to support us is by joining us. Every penny of your membership goes back into Singletrack to pay the bills and the wages of the people who work here. No shareholders to pay, just the people who create the content you love to read and watch.

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    “If you like the look of that build” – lol!
    Not only did it hit every branch on the way down, it went back for another go.

    The bike park/pump track looks great though.

    i’m no experience bike builder, but

    i hope that frame around the headset is built solid..
    it looks like a bad landing and it’ll rip the fork straight out..

    ps. i checked and wetherby is somehow in west yorkshire :0)
    although its borderline

    @whatyadoinsucka It does appear that way because of the way the fork curves away from the bike, but if look at where the wheel axle is, it’s no different to a telescopic fork 😉

    @uberpod not a fan of that futuristic build hey? 😀 That bike park does look fun looking forward to checking it out.

    whatyadoinsucka wrote
    “ps. i checked and wetherby is somehow in west yorkshire :0)
    although its borderline”

    Living in west yorks as I do I got a little excited on reading the title, I too had to check
    Wetherby was in west yorks and was amazed to see it is !
    Lancashire is nearer to me lol

    Whilst the build is admirable, that bike really does look like the ‘bike that Homer Simpson built’ – spectacular in its awfulness

    I love the potato packaging idea, I think it may actually tip me over the edge into subscribing. Good work guys!

    There is also other bike trails just down the road from Leeds Urban Bike Park situated at Oakwell Hall, all trails built by Bike Track, the same guys who built Leeds Urban and at Lady Cannings.

    @gavalar oh, will need to check those trails out 😉

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