Starling Cycles Tease Stainless Steel Murmor, or is it Ti?

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Starling Cycles teases yet another new single pivot full suspension bike, but is this Starling Murmur made from stainless steel or titanium?

Joe from Starling Cycles always seems to be working on something new. If he isn’t building Murmor frames here in the UK, he’ll be off in Taiwan checking on his Murmur Factory bikes, and when he does find a few spare hours he’ll be working on various prototypes such as the Starling Sturn DH bike, prototype Murmur short travel, and even a new gearbox frame!

Still, Joe feels he hasn’t bitten off enough and he’s found the time to put together another new model.

Posted on the official Starling Cycles Instagram page is what looks like a standard single pivot Staling Murmur but on closer inspection, those tubes do look awfully shiny. It this a Titanium Starling Murmur or are those Stainless Steel tubes?


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How about a sneak peak of something exciting..?

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Joe and the rest of the Starling Cycles team have been pretty quiet about the bike, so we don’t actually have an answer and fans of the fledgeling UK manufacturer seem to be split 50:50 on what material this new bike is made of.

What we do know is that this version of the Murmur isn’t the upcoming short travel bike that Joe is already working on. We’re also unsure if this is even based on the current 29 Murmur at all, and it could be an all-new model running on smaller 650b wheels.

So is it stainless steel or titanium?

Stainless steel or Titanium? What do you think?

If we were betting people we would put our money on this bike being made of Reynolds stainless steel tubing rather than Titanium. Starling Cycles has already put a lot of effort into building its brand as a steel frame manufacturer and there ain’t any steel posher than stainless steel.

Stainless steel is already in use on a few road bikes, but we don’t know of many mountain bike manufactures that work in the material.

Why stainless steel?

Depending on the tubing and the profiles, stainless steel can offer an equally comfy ride as standard steel tubing, manufacturers who really know what they’re doing can make an even lively and compliant frame from stainless steel.

Stainless steel is generally stronger than standard steel, it doesn’t need to be painted, and the finish is pretty hard wearing so that lovely shiny look should survive a few winters worth if riding.

When will we know more?

We’re pretty confident that more images and details of the bike will crop up shortly as the bike is already built and we bet the Starling team can’t wait to get out and shred it.

What do you think of this new Starling Murmur? Do you think it’s stainless steel or titanium? Let us know in the comments below.

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    Shouldn’t be allowed, posting photos like that this close to pay day. It’s fellas like me who’ll end up divorced as a result.

    Looks lovely! I wants me a Reynolds 953 stainless hardtail – but I could be convinced to go full-suspension instead.

    Now all I need is to cash in some of my stocks, save up a kitty, or win the lottery.

    Yip it’s stainless. I test rode it.

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