The Post Is Back To Normal And We’ve Got a Bunch Of Parcels! It’s Fresh Goods Friday 429

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Before you all scroll down to see what fresh goodies you could spend your Christmas money on, here’s a photo of a girl I met at Revolution Bike Park late December, and have since rode my local trails with.

Her name is Dot, and she rides a slightly weathered (it’s old) Specialized Pitch with feathers, bows and other items she’s found on her travels all attached to the bars. Here she is with a star balloon on her helmet, because it appeared out of nowhere and couldn’t possibly be left behind.

The boys are sulking about their lack of balloons.

Every riding group needs a Dot in it.

But if you don’t have a Dot just yet, then how about some freshly-cultivated goodies in the meantime? Our posties are back on the case for 2019, so here’s the very first Fresh Goods Friday for the year, hopefully to provide you with a little bit of inspiration for those newly committed resolutions.

Specialized Stumpjumper Comp Carbon 29

Amanda has named this colour Blurple.

Our first Stumpjumper of 2019! So having tested the Expert Carbon 29, the ST Comp Carbon and in the end awarding one of those with an Editors’ Choice Award, we’ve got our hands on the 2019 Comp Carbon 29. And it’s rather pretty.

Amanda is also most upset that it’s not her size.

Featuring a full carbon frame, SRAM NX Eagle 12-speed groupset, Fox Float Rhythm 34 forks, Fox Float DPS shock, X-Fusion Manic seatpost and a host of Specialized parts. This’ll be the last time you see this bike clean, as it’s going to be used for Filth Camp in issue 124 of Singletrack. If you haven’t yet subscribed to the magazine you can do so here.

Nukeproof Horizon Advanced Rim Defence – ARD

Set includes two copper tubeless valves.

This Nukeproof tyre system claims to protect your rims from rocks and reduce the risk of punctures when running your tyres tubeless. They have a claimed weight of 130g, require no tools for fitment, and offer pinch flat and rim protection without absorbing sealant. There’s plenty of tyre inserts on the market and we’re already working on a grouptest for you. Stay tuned!

Birzman Maha Push & Twist MTB II Floor Pump

What can I say? It’s a nice neat floor pump.

This floor pump from Birzman works with a push and twist method. Insert, push the collar down and twist it by one turn to secure it, and simply pull back the collar to remove. It has a wider barrel for greater volume, has a pressure bleed button for accuracy, and is compatible with both Presta and Schrader.

Birzman Damselfly Universal Chain Rivet Extractor Tool

If you throw it, it comes back to you.

Adjustable to securely fit a variety of chain sizes, this chain tool has a patented design is know as the ‘Smart Cradle System.’ It includes a hefty handle for leverage, and it also comes with a spare rivet pin in case you toast the stock one.

Birzman Diversity 17 Multi-Tool

CO₂ Valve Head is Presta/Schrader compatible.

This multi-tool features a CO₂ valve head and 17 other tools for tightening bolts, breaking chains, tickling spokes and changing tubes.

Birzman Feexman E-Version 15 Multi-Tool Black

Small, neat, efficient.

A modest multi-tool that you can fit in almost any pocket without it feeling too intrusive. Featuring hex keys, a T25 torx key, crosshead and flathead screwdriver, chain rivet extractor and spoke wrenches.

Specialized Hillbilly BLCK DMND 29 x 2.3in

Stand in line and away we go…

Available in 27.5/29in and 2.3in or 2.6in widths, the Hillbilly comes tubeless ready and claims to be a great choice for a mud tyre. The small blocks in the tread aim to cut into the ground and connect you, the small centre knobs should increase the load on the ground and help surface penetration, while the shoulder knobs should provide support when cornering.

Specialized Flux™ 1200 Headlight

Fresh Goods Friday 429 specialized flux light
Can be mounted below, in front or above the stem.

The Flux headlight from Specialized features two high-intensity LEDs, a quick-release bar mount that works on 22.2, 25.4, and 31.8mm bars, the option of 300/600/1200 lumen output, and it gives you 180-degree visibility. There are several light modes including an emergency energy saving one, which you might not think you’ll need but at some time or other, we probably all do. It can be mounted below, in front or above the stem and should fit neatly around most other bar mounts (GoPros, GPS etc.)

And that’s it for this week, thanks for coming, I hope you had a belting time and would love to have you back! I leave you with my all time favourite piece of music, from my favourite film, with my favourite actor in. I’m not telling you which one he is though.

And something a little different.

Amanda Wishart

Singletrack Art Director

When Amanda arrived at Singletrack she had only been riding for a couple of years, but having already ticked off a healthy list of uplifts and races including Megavalanche, we didn’t see any problems with her keeping up. Previously serving 11 years in a publishing house, she was keen to continue her art and design career without being tied to a desk, and has progressed as both a rider and a designer from all the fresh air Calderdale offers.

She began mountain biking to keep herself occupied out of snowboard season, but bikes have since taken over as the preferred sport. It’s not a hobby - it’s a lifestyle, and the impact riding has had on Amanda’s life is more than just how she chooses to spend her weekends. Relocating to Calderdale, giving up driving, being more eco aware are all either directly or loosely related to the sport and the future of it.

Her love of bikes isn’t for the adrenalin rush, the exercise, achieving goals or even the travelling, it’s mostly about the people she meets along the way. She’s our in-house tree hugger and is interested in any earth positive products and vegan trail snacks.

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    Are the boys really sulking because Chipps/Ernies has just proved as nasty as ever !?

    Just so you know that great piece of glockenspiel was arranged by Hans Zimmer but is actually composed by Hans Neusidler and popularised by Carl Orff from his Schuelwerk and is called Gassenhauer.

    As a fellow knackered-old-Specialized rider I say more power to Dot, she sounds ace!

    Ha! That video! “What Alabama Worley looks like now will shock you”! She’s in the brilliant Escape at Dannemora (Sky Atlantic) with Benicio Del Toro. And she’s nearly as old as me… ugh

    @steel4real Sulking because there wasn’t enough light for round two!

    Parcels will from the DPD driver I saw trying to breakdown the doors to Singletrack office Christmas Eve morning, where were you all !

    @brennak Upstairs practicing our carol singing

    Gary Oldman – obviously – and one of my favourite films too

    So, you can convert your ride to tubeless for the ‘the advantages’ and then add inserts for £49 just to make sure….or you can keep your tubes because most of us mere mortals can’t tell the difference and carry a £2.99 spare tube for the annual occasion you get a puncture…wake up to the bollocks guys.

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