Guy Martin Wants To Degrease You

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Proper Degreaser, or to give it its full name, “Proper Degreaser from Proper Cleaner by Guy Martin” is released today and joins its existing (and successful) stablemate, Proper Cleaner in a growing range of bike cleaning potions from the Orange-bike-riding, beanie-wearing, Hope-braking modern day Fred Dibnah.

One sachet makes a bottle full.

The premise behind the whole of the Proper Cleaner range is in making cleaning fluids without the actual fluids. As most bike cleaner and degreaser is simply diluted concentrate, Proper comes as a sachet with a couple of pills of powder in a water soluble sausage skin. You fill up your reusable bottle half full of water, drop in one pill, shake for 20 seconds and top up with water. Then it’s ready to use. When it’s empty, you put the second one in for a second litre of cleaner. And when that’s done, you can just buy a new sachet with a further two pills in, without the expense (and bonkersness) of shipping water around the country.


It’s red, so it’s hard to mix up with your bottle of cleaner.

So, 12 months on from the original Proper Cleaner launch, Guy Martin and team are launching a Degreaser. Apparently it should have been here six months ago, but fitting it all into those pill powder sachets is more complicated than they thought. In order to keep it clinging to your bike to do its job, they had to make it more viscous than Proper Cleaner so it wouldn’t just fall off, but it still needs to be able to go through the packaging machine and not dissolve the sachets while sat on the shelf. But hey, it’s here. And there’s never a degreaser off-season…

You mix Proper Degreaser in a similar way to Proper General Cleaner, except you need to shake the bottle once half full, to make sure the thicker degreaser is fully dissolved. Then just top up with more water and you’re ready. Wet what you want to clean. Spray it onto your chain, cassette, chainring or anything else you need degreased. Give it 3 – 4 min to work, a quick scrub with a brush or chain cleaning machine and rinse off with water. Simple.

Proper Cleaner reckons that its degreaser is ideal for cleaning chains, cassettes and chainrings while being safe on paint, anodising, plastics and rubber seals. It’s alkaline based and contains no solvents, acids or CFCs. Furthermore, the liquid is 100% biodegradable, it’s vegan friendly(!) and is produced under the Eco Label, which means that when it’s properly diluted, it’s undetectable in the environment. And for those who don’t clean their bikes very often, capsules can be used up to three years after the date on the back of the resealable pouch.
Not tested on Nigel the Dog or his mates. Designed, tested and manufactured in the UK.

Oh, and it smells of strawberries…


Starter kit is £8.50. Add your own water…




Degreaser Starter Pack (bottle and two sachets): £10 for 1.5 litres. (Which works out at £6.66 per litre)
Refill Pack: £8.50 for 1.5 litres. (Which is £5.66 per litre)
Original Cleaner is still £6.50 for the starter pack and £5 for refills.

Available now through



Even the resealable pouch is now biodegradable…


And we even have a video of young Guy visiting the place where the magic happens…


Look out for a test soon, we have a couple of chains that we reckon will be a good challenge…

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    I must say I like the idea and the sense behind this produce it must cost significantly less to produce more without shipping the water around the supply chain

    Anyone else having a time with the proper cleaner bottle, mine never wanted to spray from new, so it’s a 2 hand job, squeeze the bottle whilst starting the spray going. Strange, never had that with other similar [but less ecologically sound] products [although I have had a few eventual failures for sure]. Proper cleaner’s good stuff for cleaning tyres etc. once its got going. It’s not as much of a degreaser as, say Muc Off (which can be too harsh), so I guess that’s why the 2nd “Proper” product has come along.

    Works a treat. Happy not to be putting bottles in the bin as well.

    “Anyone else having a time with the proper cleaner bottle, mine never wanted to spray from new”
    I’ve had one occasion where I put the powder slug in, gave it a quick shake and started to use it – the straw blocked – I assume a bit of the undissolved outer had got sucked into the straw and because it was now in a narrow space without a chance of agitation, it just didn’t dissolve. That’s my theory anyway. I swapped the spray and hose with one from a Muc Off bottle and it worked fine.

    Thx Chipps
    I don’t think that was my problem but I’ll check. It’s still not starting to spray without a squeeze months from filling.

    Maybe I got a bad trigger.
    Good stuff though


    Damn, just ordered the regular cleaner and did not notice the degreaser.
    Well, need to do a bigger order next month, before Brexit, so I can still get it with no hassle!
    Six packs of 1.5 liters of Proper cleaner lasted me for a bit over a year…And I wash a lot of bikes a lot.

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