Quality Singletrack Gifts For The Mountain Biker In Your Life (Or Just Treat Yourself)

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Laugh in the face of tired feet, snotty shoppers and terrible music. Toast your toes by the fire, sit back in your favourite chair, and select your background music. We’ve got everything you need to make the mountain biker in your life happy, right here. Don’t forget, if you’re a subscriber you’ll be able to access discounts on many of the products listed below – so why not spend £1.99 on a monthly Digital Subscription right now to benefit from all those savings?

Gift Subscriptions

singletrack subscription card
This card hold the key to 12 months of happiness.

How about the gift that gives all year? We have subscriptions for every budget. Digital subscriptions are just £20, while Print and Digital subscriptions start at £39 and are available for worldwide delivery. Both come in a gift card, so there’s something to open.

singletrack subscription hip flask
Give a little something to open.

If you want your gift to come in a box, then we have a great range of more substantial gift options. There’s our Sub In A Box from £45, which contains the latest edition of Singletrack, Issue 122, plus free 2019 Calendar. If you’ve left it late, we can send it directly to the recipient, or if you want to wrap in in shiny paper (it comes in a classy black box) we can send it to you. Feeling extra generous? Why not give a Hipflask Sub In A Box so your dearest can feel the warm glow of your love and good whisky while out on the trails.

The brains behind the coffee.

Coffee with that?

Perhaps your loved one is showing signs of slowing down. Perk them up with our Roost and Roast subscription – one month they’ll get Singletrack Magazine, the next they’ll get Singletrack Deadline Blend Coffee. Alternate monthly injections of inspiration and caffeine infusion to keep the rider in your life rolling for only £79.

lifetime, subs, lifer
Fun, forever.

Finally, for the ultimate gift for life, why not buy a Lifetime Subscription. For just £349 you could make sure that your partner loves you forever, or remembers you when you’re gone. As well as Singletrack Magazine for as long as we keep printing it, they’ll also be invited on exclusive Lifetime Reader Rides, and receive a great bundle of Singletrack goodies to mark them out as one of our biggest fans.


If your nearest and dearest have already subscribed (well done – good choice of nearest and dearest) we have a bunch of great clothing to cover them up, keep them warm and generally make them look cool and stylish.

singletrack beanie
Four plain knit colour options.
singletrack beanie
Flecked and ribbed.

We have six different coloured and textured beanies to choose from – perfect for keeping heads warm, covering up receding hair, or preventing hypothermia while waiting for ride buddies to finish faffing. Choose from flecked, charcoal, heather oatmeal, olive green, plum, or reflective.

Singletrack Contour Sweatshirt

Pout for us Andi!


That little dot is the Singletrack office

Perhaps your loved one has fabulous hair, you don’t want to cover it up. Why not make them feel lovely and cuddly, even when you’re not there to hug them, with our super cosy, soft and thick Contour Lines sweatshirt?

It might not feel like it, but it won’t be winter forever. We’ve got four different t-shirts for you to choose from – will you go for a snug and sexy fit, or a loose and casual look? Click the images to go straight to the shop.

Classic T-shirts

Meet the Love twins
Quads? OMG!


Maybe you just want to give a little something as a token of appreciation, or a stocking filler, or even a Secret Santa for a mountain biker?

Either our Coffee Mug for just £9.99 (, or our Hip Flask at £19.99 will help warm the cockles of even the coolest of colleagues.

singletrack mug
Will not dissolve if filled with tea. (RRP £9.99 Registered Member price £7.99 Premier Member price £5.99 Life Member price £4.99)
singletrack hip flask contour
Add tipple of your choice. (RRP £19.99 Registered Members £18.99 Premier members £14.99 Life Members £12.99)

Of course, you don’t have to buy these as gifts for someone else – why not share this article on, say, your Facebook page, so people know what to get you? Or just treat yourself – go on, you’re worth it.

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