Singletrack Magazine Issue 121: Simon Gallup – There Is No Cure

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Simon Gallup: 

There is no cure.

He plays in a world-famous band and has toured the globe for the last 40 years. And yet, all he really wants to do is ride bikes. And if he can’t, then he likes nothing better than to talk about them.

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The bass guitarist prowls the stage in front of the sold out festival audience. As the band plays one of its many top ten singles, the bass player glares menacingly at the audience, pointing his low-slung black bass at the crowd like a flamethrower. The glossy black body of the bass is plain, apart from some mysterious ancient runes in white. The runes doubtless have some significance to the thousands of black-clad fans and… wait a second… that’s not an ancient rune, that’s an Orange Bikes logo. What the…?

There’s no easy way of saying this, but Simon Gallup, the long-standing bass player in The Cure, yes, that The Cure, is an out-and-out bike geek. Give him the choice between attending a VIP music industry shindig and a cold, wet, muddy ride somewhere over the Ridgeway, and he’ll leap at the latter. And despite being legitimate rock royalty – having played bass with The Cure for 40 years – it turns out that he has more bikes than bass guitars. 

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