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For the month of October we have a very special deal for you if you have not yet subscribed to Singletrack.

We have 200 tubs of the world famous Charlie’s Happy Bottom Bum Butter, worth £17.99 to give away to 200 new subscribers.

If you are already a subscriber then Charlie isn’t leaving you out. There’s a great deal for you below.

So what is Charlie’s Bum Butter?

We asked Charlie The Bikemonger to explain in his own words..

So how did “Bum Butter” become a thing, a thing that has saved countless arses and even won Olympic Gold Medals? You wouldn’t believe me if I told you. Hold on… I am about to tell you.

It started with Kevin the Pirate, starting a small cosmetics company in his kitchen. He is a real pirate, sails up the river and invades the next town of Wareham occasionally with his gang. So over a few ciders he asked “eeeear Charlie what do you cyclist use, what can I make for you?”. I told him about chamois cream, he laughed, took some samples away. The next night he said it’s all crap and full of chemicals… “why would you want all that rubbish on your bum?”. So we set about making a vegetable based alternative.

I took a tub across Iceland several years ago, and here is the clever/not so clever thing: I only took one pair pf cycling shorts. So that is 8 days, Europe’s largest dessert, wading rivers, dust, hurricane, eruption, sweat, dehydrated food, local moonshine…. And one chamois! Bum Butter passed the test, as my bum did not rot away, or grow diseases.

It’s since been used in the Olympics, rowing across the Atlantic, fastest ever London Marathon with a tumble dyer on your back… and daft things like that. Right now at this very moment it is curing: chef’s arse, rambler’s rash, Nordic grind, sun burn, stink foot, and your good old fashioned cycling sores.

So, it’s really very very good at preventing friction, its antiseptic, and anaesthetic, smells great and it’s really bloody ethical: It’s tested on arseholes, not animals. And what’s more… if you subscribe to the world’s best mountainbike magazine (that sometimes pays me to write for them)… it’s also free.

And if that’s not enough information for you our own Scottish correspondent, Sanny, slathered it on his nethers and wrote a comprehensive review. Click below to find out what he thought.

Review: Bikemonger’s Happy Bottom Bum Butter – definitely not for toast

Enough twaddle! Butter me up!

All you have to do is Subscribe to our Print & Digital membership package and we’ll pop a tub in the post for you.

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Singletrack magazine has been in print since April 2001 and has become one of the world’s most respected, truly independent sources of mountain bike knowledge and insight. Where other printed titles have shed weight, pages and often print altogether, Singletrack magazine has retained it’s reputation for quality in both content and production. Join us today and support one of the few remaining trusted sources of mountain biking content.

Subscription options start from just £1.99 for monthly digital access. Annual membership from £20 and 6 issues in print (incl. postage) plus full digital access for just £39.

Smallish print

The free Bum Butter offer is available to new subscribers only. We have 200 tubs in stock and they will be despatched on completion of your order. The first print issue included in this subscription offer is issue 122, due to be published in early December. However, digital access will be activated on completion of your order. If you cancel your subscription before your first issue is despatched we reserve the right to deduct the value of the free gift (£17.99) from any refund of subscription payment.

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