Mountain Mayhem Announces Lower Pricing For Early Birds: UPDATED

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Following the rider feedback after the original press release (below) the organisers have returned with a rethink on pricing and have gone for an, ‘ain’t broke don’t fix’ approach by returning to the same pricing structure as the last 2017 event. They’ve also frozen the prices at the 2017 rates as an early-bird offer too.

The new (but old) pricing menu is..

Early Bird period 21.08.18 – 31.10.18

  • Solo (Men/Solo Women/Solo Singlespeed) £82.00
  • Pairs (Men/Women/Mixed) £159.00
  • Open 3 -5 (Men/Women/Mixed) £315.00
  • Open Veterans 3 -5 (Any combination) £315.00
  • Wide Open 6 -10 (Any combination) £460.00
  • Six of One, Half Dozen of the Other 3s (Any combination) £160.00

On November 1st 2018, Early Bird prices will come into effect with Regular prices from 1st May 2019. For full details see the website.

Tickets going on sale on Tuesday 21st August at 6pm from the Mountain Mayhem website

UPDATE: 12:00pm Thursday

In light of a feedback the organisers are currently having a rethink of the format and costings.

The Mountain Mayhem Facebook page has posted the following.. (Post since deleted)

“We’re sorry. We’ve obviously got it badly wrong. We’re working on going back to the good old way of doing things. Give us a few hours and we’ll be back with an update 

More as we get it.

The original story

Mountain Mayhem 2019 might seem like a while off, but if you’re planning to enter this 24 hour race event it’s worth getting booked in now.

Pricing for the 2019 even is currently down to £75 per rider, but only if you book before 1st January 2019, after this date the cost will increase to £85. Early bird pricing is also extended to non-riders who can expect to pay £25 before the cut-off date and £35 after.

Mountain Mayhem podium - 2017
Could you be up here in 2019?

Mountain Mayhem has sent over the following press release to explain the new pricing and also give us a few details about what to expect from the event in 2019. Press release below.

Lower pricing if you book now.

In 2019, a whole new decade of Mountain Mayhem® will begin, with new rules and a new
venue, the magnificent Marston Lodge, but importantly still the same amazing, unique
Mountain Mayhem® atmosphere.

Mountain Mayhem®, the longest running 24hr mountain bike endurance event in the world,
has today announced the date for ticket sales and details of 2019 entry prices – which have
actually been reduced in most categories.

The basic strategy is to ‘Keep it Simple’ by introducing a few changes:

  • Per person pricing
  • No subcategories

How is it possible to reduce prices?

“We are introducing Early Bird pricing plus an entry fee for non-riders. Mountain Mayhem®
is a very expensive event to produce. Our costs increase every year. We no longer feel that
it is fair for riders to subsidise non-riders who also use all the facilities and can enjoy
everything that Mayhem has to offer – except the racing of course” said Jill Greenfield,
owner and organiser of Mountain Mayhem®.

How much will it cost?


  • £75 for riders
  • £25 for non-riders
  • FREE for non-riders under 18 accompanied by an adult


  • £85 for riders
  • £35 for non-riders
  • FREE for non-riders under 18 accompanied by an adult

There will also be a completely new two stage race – 6 of One/Half Dozen of the Other.

This involves racing for six hours on Saturday and six hours on Sunday giving riders time to
chill in between. There are two categories in the 6 of One/Half Dozen of the Other two
stage race:

  • Open (teams of up to 3)
  • E-bike (teams of up to 3)

“We know there are riders out there that would love the opportunity to ride their E-bike at
Mountain Mayhem. We think the time is right to give them the chance to do just that. We
believe that the 6 of One/Half Dozen of the Other two stage race is just the ticket for a first
outing at Mayhem.” said Alex McNicol, course designer.

Alex also explained about the new rules: “Essentially there are two main changes. The first
is that you can now ride from age 14. The second, and biggest change is in the type of bike
permitted: there are no restrictions. Riders need to understand that this is a mountain bike
race with a course designed specifically for mountain bikes. That said, if you want to ride a
BMX we’re not going to stop you!! The one exception is E-bikes: they are only allowed in
the 6 of One/Half Dozen of the Other two stage race”

Early Bird tickets going on sale on Tuesday 21st August at 6pm. Enter from Facebook or the Mountain Mayhem® website.

More details will be announced over the coming weeks and months.

Keep updated on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or


Mountain Mayhem is organised and run by Pacific Edge Events ltd. Former director, event organiser and recipient of the Singletrack Legend Award 2017 Patrick Adams retired from the company earlier this year.

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Comments (7)

    £35 for non riders… that seems expensive.

    They’re having a re think according to their FB page.

    I would hope so too.
    Me riding + Mrs and little miss along for the support, = 125 quid early bird. 155 quid normal. Before travel.
    Remind me what facilities mrs and little miss ajobb get get for that 70 quid exactly ? A muddy field, a queue for some stinky portalloos, and cacked up showers with even longer queues ?
    (The food outlets make their own money, i can’t beleive for a moment they are subsidised – not at their prices).

    They’re gonna have to provide a LOT better facikities than that if I’m dropping 155 quid.
    I remember now there was a reason my mates and I stopped going to Mayhem, and had a weekend riding somewhere else with our respective familes all together.

    none riders £35 !! another event ruined !

    Charging that much for non riders would kill the event as an endurance format. I’m grateful for their support during the quieter hours of night racing and the renewed sense of focus as their dawn calls sets the scene for final battle.

    As it stands, there is simply no ‘added value’ given to supporters of an mtb event, so charging £25/35 for it is absurd.

    An entry fee should give the supporters exclusive access to separate, clean shower/toilet facilities, at least one decent all-night cafe, with no sweaty riders, with all-weather sofa seating for live televised updates and maybe sports vids on a separate screen. An entry fee would need to be much lower, perhaps £5/pp, to give justification to it, as the costs for food and drinks will still be on top of this.

    Entry fees of £75 also are still too high. Gone are the days of £55 pp for a team of four, which meant riders on all budgets could come together; or £50 to entice more attempts in the solo categories.

    I was going to take the kids, but not for £70. Which means that I won’t be going either.

    £35.00 to support the rider! Are they having a laugh? TwentyFour12 at the end of July is a much better event , better course and a lot cheaper.

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