Computer says yes? Lezyne has a huge new Mega GPS that boasts offline navigation and longer battery life

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Lezyne has introduced two new GPS units today, both of which belong to the ‘Mega’ family and come dripping with ‘mega’ features.

The two GPS units are named the Mega XL and Mega C, and as the name suggests, both are a little larger than your traditional GPS module might be. The Mega C features a 240 x 320-pixel colour display while the bigger Mega XL flaunts a huge 240 x 400-pixel panel. These bigger screens mean easier viewing in all conditions and also allow up to 10 data fields to be displayed at once on the XL and 8 on the Mega C. So much datas.

lezyne mega xl
Both Mega models can be mounted vertically or horizontally, but this isn’t why we think they could be ‘mega’.

Despite the large display, Lezyne is still claiming that the Mega series get’s good battery life, so if you’re one for riding off into the sunset on an epic bike packing adventure these are the GPS units for you. Claimed battery life for the devices are a whopping 32 hours on the Mega C and an endurance busting 48 hours on the XL. That’s the same as two whole days. Unless you’re on Jupiter, in which case you’ll get 4.8 days of run time.

The Mega C shows off its colour display and offline navigation features. Now that’s mega!

As much as those battery life stats have our hearts racing, it’s really the offline capabilities of the new Lezyne Mega range, which really has us giddy. Each unit is compatible with Lezyne’s free to use GPS Root website and GPS Ally companion app that allow you to download a specific area to your GPS unit then navigate completely offline. Again, a great feature for anyone who plans to ride off-grid, but also exceptionally useful for anyone who rides in an area with poor data service (Derwent Reservoir anyone?).

Lezyne also promises that both the Mega C and XL are rugged enough to survive whatever you can throw at them and have backed up the build quality with a global warranty program.

lezyne mega xl and app
App-enabled tech fun!

Additional features include full support for Strava, Training Peaks, and Today’s Plan plus the ability to follow Strava Live Segments and custom workouts, they even work with Di2. For ease of mounting both versions can be orientated either horizontally or vertically. Need to know how big they measure? Dimensions below:

Lezyne Mega C GPS

  • Dimensions: 50.5mm x 77.2mm x 26.9mm
  • Screen: 55.9mm / 2.2”

Lezyne Mega XL GPS

  • Dimensions: 57.5mm x 78.3mm x 26.6mm
  • Screen: 68.6mm / 2.7”

Pricing starts at £180.00 rising to £270.00 for “loaded kit versions” which we assume means the XL with a ton of accessories.

Lezyne is likely to have the Mega C and Mega XL at Eurobike this week so we’ll try and get some hands-on time with both and check out the rest of their new products so keep an eye on for updates.

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