Bionicon is back and so is its cool geometry adjustment button

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We don’t know what it is, but this year’s Eurobike seems to be full of bikes that have geometry adjustment, so it’s good to see that one of the original shapeshifters is back to true form.

Way back in the day (hands up if you remember) Bionicon released a radical bike with an on the move travel adjustment system. That original system featured hoses that connected the air sprung fork to a remote then on to an actuator on the rear shock.

bionicon revo
The top of the range rEVO is actually really well priced.

The idea being that a press of a button and a shift of weight would push air from the fork to the rear actuator to reduce the fork length and, effectively, increase the eye-to-eye of the rear shock.

Now, those of you keeping track will realise that this system drops the front, steepens the bike and puts it into the perfect position for climbing. Sounds cool right? Well, we’ve good news for you, it’s finally back.

bionicon revo
Bionicon. Still Cool!

Bionicon now calls this technology “CLIMBAIR” and it performs exactly the same as it used to on those bikes of yesteryear but is now even better because it’s enclosed in a modern frame with modern geometry.

bionicon revo
This neat button controls it all!

Bionicon offers “CLIMBAIR” on all three of its rEVO bikes with pricing that begins at only 2,899 Euros rising to 4,499 Euros for the range-topping Bionicon rEVO 0. Each model in the rEVO range runs suspension from X-Fusion which is all plumbed into the shapeshifting system via a B Switch mounted to the bars weighing just 29g.

bionicon revo
Hoses enter the Xfusion shock and the system allows it to drop by 80mm at the press of a switch.

Overall specifications across the range seem pretty good with components coming from Magura, SRAM, Kindshock, DT Swiss, SRAM and Shimano for the entry level rEVO 2 which also happens to be the only model in the rEVO range with a front mech as standard.

bionicon revo
We love the raw finish and the helpful frame info on this frame.
bionicon revo
So those are the headset cups I need!
bionicon revo
Good to know!

All three bikes are offered in the same three colour options, anodised black, blue gloss and raw, but it’s the raw finish that we would go for as the very helpful frame numbers and information standout really well on the un-lacquered alloy structure.

As far as we can tell Bionicon bikes are only available in Germany, which is a real shame because those features, that spec, and that keen pricing look very tempting to us.

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