7 Essentials For Riders With Tiny Hands

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Oh my god it’s Friday, easily the best of all the days, Friday, Friday, Friday. Did you know that we actually invented the word Friday? It’s the greatest.

So to make Friday great again, we’ve put together a super listicle so incredible that your neighbours will hear you ranting about it over your very tall garden wall.

Park Tools CRP-2
The most self-important tool at Singletrack Towers.

1. A Giant Tool

Nothing feels as good in your tiny hands as a colossal tool. Something massive that looks extremely complicated and difficult to use, but in actual fact is super simple and has one specific use.

Tools don’t get much bigger than the Park Tools CRP-2, it’s actually the biggest tool we have in the Singletrack workshop. It’s a beautifully made hunk of metal designed to simply pull the crown race from your forks. It’s big, heavy, and as far as we know has only been used once, so not exactly mega useful but certainly a great tool.

Backcountry Research Strap
Straps on to any bike so you can carry more.

2. Backcountry Research Strap On

It’s hard enough to carry all your bike related paraphernalia at the best of times, but when you have tiny man-child hands that don’t reach to the bottom of your Camelbak it’s even worse. This is why we recommend the use of a strap on.

Backcountry Research is just one of the many brands that offer straps for use with mountain bikes. They’re simple to use, cheap to buy and come in a range of bright, loud colours including orange. Straps are really useful for carrying a spare tube, or even a lightweight jacket. Coolio!

danny macaskill carbon trials bike
Orange bike with HC3 Levers.

3. Magura HC3 Brake Levers

Magura originally developed the HC3 brake lever with Danny Macaskill who wanted to be able to adjust not only the reach of his brakes but the angle of the lever and the bite point. These adjustments also make the HC3 the perfect lever for riders with smaller hands that find standard brakes are too much of a stretch to use.

Magura now offers the HC3 as an aftermarket upgrade for all of its disc brake systems and includes the lever as standard equipment on top of the range brakes systems like such as the Limited Edition MT1893.

4. Mini Mountain Bike Models

If you were filthy rich, rich enough to own your own tower for example, you could easily afford to buy any dream mountain bike you want, but chances are that’s not the case.

If you want to feel like a billionaire but don’t have the Rubles to back up that type of lifestyle you could start collecting mini mountain bikes. Yudi Hermawan, from the Dominican Republic, runs Miniaturbicycle a company that makes custom mini bicycles for fans. We actually got to see some first hand at the London Bicycle Show and found them to be darn impressive. Of course, the size of these models also makes them perfect for itsy bitsy hands too.

If you are rich and need some inspiration on how to spend your money check out our list of 25 bikes for billionaires.

This will look even bigger in your tiny hands.

5. Slim Grips

There was once a time that all grips were the same thickness, but thankfully those dark days are behind us. There are now plenty of different thickness options on the market for riders to choose from to ensure a perfect fit.  There are also ergonomic grips to improve a rider’s grasp on tricky riding situations and super long grips for… well… we don’t actually know what they’re for.

Orange robot gloves great for kids and riders with tiny hands.

6. Gloves

Not everyone likes riding with gloves, but there is no denying that they do add protection in the event of a crash. These B’Twin Children’s bike gloves are designed for children around 6 years old, so right on the limit of being too big. They’re bright orange and have an ego-boosting superhero robot design too.

Of course, there are gloves for people with adult sized hands too, and anyone looking for gloves should check out our reviews here.

singletrack daily deals
We live for deals and ratings.

7. Singletrack Daily Deals

There’s nothing better than waking up in the morning knowing that you’re about to close an important deal, one that will make you a lot of money, but what’s even better is when someone else does all the hard work for you and then you get to save a ton of cash instead.

Singletrack Daily Deals is a Facebook Page that we set up to share great cycling deals from around the web. There are bargains on there for all riders, not just people with small hands, and because the deals are from online retailers you don’t need to worry about carrying those massive shopping bags home either. Follow Singletrack Daily Deals on Facebook.

Now that Friday is great again we’ll leave you with some music to enjoy. This is a perfect tune for playing as loudly as possible.

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