Video Teaser: Highland Trail 550 – Making long distance racing look fun (almost)

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In case you missed it, Stu Taylor was off to tackle the Highland Trail 550, after an intense training regime that even included ‘boredom training’.

Stu, having a little lie down.

We’re pleased to say that he’s back from what must surely be the hottest and driest HT550 ever.  Not only did he get round, but he finished in a stonking 7th place, in 4 days, 7 hours and 28 minutes. What a machine! He says:

‘Oh yeah the Highland Trail was amazing!!! Nobody told me how good the trails would be, only that you must be mad, what about the midges or 550 what miles?

Nothing was said about the endless ribbons of singletrack that got me questioning where I was. In the Alps…or Pyrenees…no I was in Scotland! Long steep, techy descents that were crazy to ride with your bike fully loaded up and only 100mm travel. OK so to get to these rewards we had to navigate some rather big climbs, pushes and hike a bikes but hell was it worth it!’

He’ll be writing up his experience in full just as soon as he’s finished eating and sleeping and eating and…

In the mean time, he’s raised £2368 so far for charity. If you want to give that a boost head here  or otherwise just sit back and watch this. The full video will be coming Fri 15th June.

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