Gallery: Working Fort William – Through the eyes of Mr Love

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This is a retrospective look at Round 2 of the UCI Downhill World Cup. The weekend of the 2nd and 3rd of June at Fort William was a great time for many. There were of course highs and lows, snapped chains, brake fails, high speeds, sweet jumps and a few over the bars…that’s racing for ya. I wore a few different hats in the days leading up to the event – sorter of stuff, logistics guy and packing monkey, van driver, cook, cowbell retailer, and photographer. Here follows a bumper collection of images of what caught my eye. Enjoy!

The Fort William track is fast & brutal, high speeds & high demands on riders & bikes.
The circus comes to town.
It’s a serious business and there’s plenty of tooltime.
A fair bit of this…
…plenty of these. What tyres for superdry with the odd dump of rain?
Blow it real good.
Sam Blenkinsop musing.
Race fuel.
Local dude Lachlan Blair chatting to Ben Cathro about what is what.
And come race day…tucked & ready to send it.
Joe Smith & Henry Fitzgerald strollin’ & munchin’. Top Chief in the background.
This track rocks. A wet winter and last years woods issues meant lots of material & work to this year’s track.
Can’t stay away…He loves it!
Salvadoran Mariana Salazar looking back on the track…
…focused on going forwards on the bike.
Katy Curd floating.
Olly Wilkins’ Skid – slip sliding away from the race preview. He survived, the camera did not.
Stretching & taking in the view.
Spin to win?
World Champ Miranda Miller piloting a prototype Specialized between the tape & on the rocks.
Sam “Sambo” Dale snaking down Aanoch Mor on his Santa Cruz V10. His other ride* is pretty sweet too. *Honda Ruckus.
50:01 race face.
Race day. Happy day!
Emilie Siegenthaler hauling through Pinball Alley.
Monika Hrastnik finding smooth in the rough.
Chihuahua & Cowbell. Aaawwww!
Tracey Hannah. 5th place this time.
Snapped chain on the first straight. Over the bars in the woods. Pinned and tucked on the motorway.
Rachel Atherton, 3rd. What a boss.
More than enough cowbell?!
A pair of gondolas. Riders heading up. Spectators camping out.
Kenta Gallagher hovering over a big slab of rock on his Polygon.
A monk and others cheer on South African rider Johann Potgieter.
Bryn Dickerson FS FUNN in the middle of it all.
See you later.
Rupert Chapman riding for Pivot Factory Racing holding fast. Goggles. No gloves.
Nice horn/sweet hooter mate! Honk honk 🙂
Down but not out.
American Kiran Mackinnon is made of the sterner stuff.
Eyeballs on the gambling man. Brendan Fairclough.
Adam Brayton pushing hard – check out how squished & squashed that rear tyre is!
Kona Factory Rider Connor Fearon is a nice chap who can ride super fast. 13th at round 2.
Sadly a failed rear brake made for a difficult run for UNNO Factory rider Greg Williamson.
Florent Payet hauling on the anchors before threading the needle between the trees.
Charlie Harrison representing Intense Factory Racing. Team mate and last year’s winner Jack Moir out with a broken collarbone.
Another snapped chain. UNIOR/Devinci rider Dakotah Norton freewheelin’ and flowin’ down to finish.
6th place for Madison Saracen Factory rider Danny Hart.
All in all, it was a right good laugh…
Thumbs up! See you next time.

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