sunrace 1x12 mz90 drivetrain cassette derailleur shifter chain

Exclusive! New 1×12 Drivetrain From SunRace!

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Well here’s one package that we didn’t expect to turn up today! It’s a collection of new shifty bits from Taiwanese manufacturer SunRace, which assembled together, give you most of a 12-speed drivetrain.

You may recall that last week we stumbled across a brand new 11-50t 12-speed cassette on the SunRace website, which up until that point, we had no idea that it even existed. The cassette itself is quite interesting, because unlike SRAM’s current Eagle cassettes, the SunRace MZ90 is designed to slide onto a standard Shimano splined freehub body. Oh, and it’s quite a lot cheaper than even a £170 GX Eagle cassette, coming in at £119.99.

sunrace 1x12 mz90 drivetrain cassette derailleur shifter chain
It’s a new 1×12 drivetrain, and it ain’t from Shimano or SRAM…

One of our readers, spacehopper, commented on the story and alerted us to the availability of a 12-speed shifter and chain from SunRace, also under the MZ label. So we got in touch with Ison Distribution – the UK importer for SunRace – and asked about the new SunRace drivetrain items. A few emails and a sneak-peek later, and we’ve now received the rest of the 1×12 SunRace puzzle! Well, aside from cranks.

We already have confirmed weights and UK pricing, so read on for a closer look at the new shifter, derailleur, chain and cassette from SunRace!

sunrace 1x12 mz90 drivetrain cassette derailleur shifter chain
The SunRace MX80 rear derailleur takes design cues from Shimano and SRAM.

SunRace MZ80 12-Speed Rear Derailleur

  • 12-Speed
  • Range: 10-50t
  • Designed to work with MZ 12-speed trigger shifter
  • Stabiliser one-way friction clutch with on/off selector
  • Carbon fibre/alloy jockey wheel cage
  • 12t & 14t jockey wheels
  • Confirmed weight: 263g
  • RRP: £189.99
sunrace 1x12 mz90 drivetrain cassette derailleur shifter chain
There’s a Stabiliser switch that operates a friction clutch inside.
sunrace 1x12 mz90 drivetrain cassette derailleur shifter chain
The roller wheel at the back looks a lot like those used on SRAM rear mechs.

The rear derailleur is the only thing here that isn’t currently on the SunRace website, and that’s because it isn’t available yet. The mech we have is pre-production, and doesn’t quite have the same finish as what production mechs will have. Still, it’s the easily the most exciting part of the new 1×12 drivetrain, and it’s also the most expensive – expect these to retail in the UK for just under 200 quid.

sunrace 1x12 mz90 drivetrain cassette derailleur shifter chain
Inside the one-way friction clutch. This is ‘On’…
sunrace 1x12 mz90 drivetrain cassette derailleur shifter chain
…and this is ‘Off’.

Using a skeletal alloy structure, the MZ80 rear derailleur looks to take design elements from both SRAM and Shimano. There’s a roller pivot for the cable entry point that’s reminiscent of SRAM/Avid’s Rollamajig, and the Stabiliser friction clutch is even painted gold like the Shadow Plus switch on a Shimano XTR mech. Inside, the mechanism is almost identical to Shimano’s Shadow Plus clutch, though it doesn’t appear to be adjustable on the SunRace mech.

sunrace 1x12 mz90 drivetrain cassette derailleur shifter chain
Carbon fibre jockey wheel cage.
sunrace 1x12 mz90 drivetrain cassette derailleur shifter chain
Big 14t lower jockey wheel.

The jockey wheel cage is part carbon and part alloy, and it’s holding onto a 12t upper pulley and a 14t lower pulley. In terms of weight, the MZ80 rear derailleur is almost exactly the same weight as an XX1 Eagle rear derailleur, and about 42 grams heavier than an XTR mech.

sunrace 1x12 mz90 drivetrain cassette derailleur shifter chain
That’s nearly identical to an XX1 Eagle rear mech.

Details are pretty sparse at the moment, though according to the packaging it came inside, the MZ80 rear mech has a ‘Medium’ cage length, which could imply that there may be either shorter or longer versions available. The other detail we noticed is that the MZ80 mech appears to be compatible not only with the SunRace 12-speed shifter, it’s also compatible with 10-speed and 11-speed too. We’re assuming that’s referring to SunRace’s own shifters, but we’ll post an update if we find out this rear mech is compatible with any other brand’s shifter too.

sunrace 1x12 mz90 drivetrain cassette derailleur shifter chain
The 12-speed shifter to go with it.

SunRace MZ3X 12-Speed Trigger Shifter

  • 12-Speed right-hand trigger shifter
  • Designed to work with MZ 12-speed rear derailleur
  • Dual release upper shift paddle
  • Single up shift
  • Up to four down shifts in one lever throw
  • Standard bar clamp w/MatchMaker & Shimano direct mount options
  • Confirmed weight: 134g
  • RRP: £59.99
sunrace 1x12 mz90 drivetrain cassette derailleur shifter chain
The dual paddle shifter has an action almost identical to a Shimano trigger shifter.

At the other end of the cable is the SunRace trigger shifter, which for the most part seems very similar to a Shimano trigger shifter. There are two shift paddles, and the function is the same as Shimano, with a large paddle offering the ability to downshift one gear at a time, or up to four gears in one throw.

The upper paddle is a dual release shifter, so you can either push on it with your thumb, or pull on it with your forefinger – just like Shimano’s trigger shifters. It only upshifts one gear at a time though, so no double-upshift.

sunrace 1x12 mz90 drivetrain cassette derailleur shifter chain
These will be available in SRAM and Shimano direct-mount options.

The trigger shifter we have features a bolt-on clamp for the handlebar, which looks very similar to a SRAM MatchMaker clamp. We haven’t tried yet, but it appears this shifter can be directly mounted to a SRAM brake lever via the MatchMaker system. SunRace also offers its 12-speed shifter in a Shimano I-Spec version for direct-mounting to a Shimano brake lever clamp.

Another very interesting point about the shifter is that SunRace claim it is compatible with Shimano 11-speed mountain bike rear derailleurs. The theory being that if you already own a Shimano 1×11 drivetrain, you could potentially purchase the SunRace shifter, the 11-50t cassette and a 12-speed chain, and you’ve got yourself an extra gear without having to upgrade the entire drivetrain to 12-speed. Obviously that’s not something Shimano would recommend, and we have no idea what the shifting would be like – our guess is the rear mech would need some kind of GoatLink type device to reorient the upper jockey wheel to make the leap up to the big 50t sprocket. Certainly something to test out in the near future anyway…

sunrace 1x12 mz90 drivetrain cassette derailleur shifter chain
Big ol’ cassette that’s designed for Shimano freehub bodies.

SunRace MZ90 12-Speed 11-50t Cassette

  • 12-Speed
  • Designed to fit Shimano freehub bodies
  • 11-50t ratio
  • Sprocket sizes: 11-13-15-17-19-21-24-28-32-36-42-50t
  • Dual alloy spiders for the largest seven sprockets
  • A7075 42t & 50t sprocket
  • Hi-tensile steel sprockets (1st to 10th smallest sprockets)
  • Alloy lockring
  • Confirmed weight: 534g
  • RRP: £119.99
sunrace 1x12 mz90 drivetrain cassette derailleur shifter chain
At £119.99, this is quite good value for a 12-speed cassette.

We’ve already touched on the details of the SunRace MZ90 cassette, so check this story out for all the details. Basically all you need to know is that this is a 12-speed cassette that’s designed to slide onto a regular Shimano freehub body, and it has a not-quite-Eagle 11-50t range.

However, we did spot some info in this compatibility chart that suggests SunRace will be offering a 10-50t cassette that will be designed to fit onto a SRAM XD freehub body. That will be a tempting option for existing Eagle 1×12 users who may be looking for a cheaper option when it comes time to replace the cassette, as this guy is about 50 quid cheaper than the current GX Eagle cassette.

sunrace 1x12 mz90 drivetrain cassette derailleur shifter chain
Definitely has some mass to it – 534g to be exact.
sunrace 1x12 mz90 drivetrain cassette derailleur shifter chain
Matching 12-speed chain from SunRace.

SunRace CN12s 12-Speed Chain

  • 12-Speed
  • Chromized Pins & Rollers
  • Chromoly Plates
  • Confirmed weight: 268g
  • RRP: £34.99
sunrace 1x12 mz90 drivetrain cassette derailleur shifter chain
This guy will cost £34.99.

Lastly, SunRace also has a new 12-speed chain, which is designed to work with the MZ 1×12 drivetrain. It costs £34.99 and features chromoly plates along with chromized pins and rollers.

And there you have it – SunRace’s new 1×12 drivetrain. Or most of it anyway. Because the parts literally turned up in the office today, that’s all the info we have for you right now, but we’ll be getting all the bits bolted to a bike shortly to find out how it all works on the trail. We’ll also provide any updates on the rear derailleur and shifter regarding compatibility, along with any updates that we can expect for full production.

In the meantime, you can check out our unboxing video above, though if you’re after further pricing and availability information, then head to the Ison Distribution website for more.

sunrace 1x12 mz90 drivetrain cassette derailleur shifter chain
Is SunRace going to be giving Shimano and SRAM a run for their money?
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Comments (11)

    The ‘special’ freehub body for the 10-50 could also be the open standard one developed by oneup and hope maybe?

    can someone guinea pig test for me.. the sunrace shifter.. XT Rear mech (with goatlink maybe?) and a GX chain / cassette please for an ultimate drivetrain mashup! 😀

    cant wait to see how well this works… I was hoping for some Shimano 12Spd from sea otter… but sadly nothing yet!

    This is exciting, I am a big fan of the 11sp Sunrise cassette so this could be the next upgrade 🙂

    Good bit of journalism finding this and putting the story together 🙂

    (Note: You have the off and on pics on the derailleur clutch reversed.)

    @wwaswas – Good spotting! Image captions have been corrected.

    ST Wil.

    I am impressed by my sunrace 11sp cassette – no shifting difference or wear difference with Shimano or SRAM. Those pics make the mech look well made too. Good to have another option, and one that is possibly compatible not unique standard…

    Not really cheap though when you can pick up a gx groupset including cranks for £350 from Tweeks on Ebay!

    Great story and Sunrace have some quality gear to shout about and it also gives Shimano users more choice. However, I recently watched a video on Youtube where a Shimano 10 speed hardtail was converted to 12 speed using the new Sunrace cassette along with GX Eagle derailleur, shifter and chain. I priced this lot at £245, so the complete Sunrace set up is way, way more expensive. They will come down in price once on the market, but that’ll be too late for me, as I need the conversion done before July, but at least the cassette is priced very competitively.

    Anybody investigating Microshift for completeness?

    I like that they use E clips, this means you can easily take it apart & service it.
    do they have bushings? if so that is great to prolong the life time of the rear dérailleur, cus we can swap bushings.
    if so Box One & SunRace will be the two kings in my opinion for serviceability.
    I am currently using first Box One but it had flaws, stripped threads for bolt & bent B screw/bolt, So i installed a bolt I took from a old Shimano RD I installed the screw from the upside down,with nuts from some reflectors, used one for 42T two for 46T & I did not take a chance with the second one I had,so I did the same it haven’t failed yet.
    but the new Box one has a stronger body, but I am still waiting for X Wide cage(50T), so far Box two is the only option with X wide cage, but it’s currently sold out.

    It would be nice with a shifter option that lets you adjust the position of the shifter, so far none of the shifters on the market fit me, I need them closer to me, and further away from the bar
    the Sunrace shifter looks to be pretty close to the bar, like Shimano’s shifters, which is about 5mm too close to the bar, also my thumb is rubbing the lock on clamp, on my Rev Grips.
    as seen here:
    This could easily be adjusted with shims if there was a system engineered for that.

    I have to worn you all.

    I bought the Sunrace MX60 derailleur. This is similar to MZ90 but a little bit heavier.
    Most of the parts are equal.
    After two days I overturned and saw that the wheel fixing the cable is broken (the same element is in MZ90 derailleur).
    Well. This can happen even if the accident was not big. The bike felt on the grass and nothing more broke or bent, but I agree that in this situation, you can break something.

    The next day I decided to buy another MX60 derailleur.
    I had my first ride. It was a 50 km drive 100% on the road without an accident. Nothing bad happened, but the new derailleur broke in the same place as before.

    This time the plastic cover of the same wheel is broken.
    Without this plastic cover, the wheel is not attached on one side and moves up and down. Of course, the derailleur is not precise, so it is unusable.

    I bought two derailleurs and they both are broken within three days.
    In my opinion, it was badly designed.

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