£300 To Sort Your Suspension Out? Are You Crazy? We Reckon You’re Crazy If You Don’t

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We’ve been fans of the Shockwiz since it came out – and in just two years, it’s become an essential for anyone like us that needs to get the suspension on myriad bikes set up easily and quickly. And while it’s a great setup tool for bike shops, demo day mechanics and bike journos, for the average rider, the price of £360 was hard to justify.

Works on front or rear suspension equally well. And yes, it’s waterproof.

However, Quarq, part of the SRAM empire, has announced a global price drop on the Shockwiz of around 20%, which means that it now comes in just around £300. Still a lot of cash for a tool and for something that doesn’t increase your bike’s travel, or sex-appeal. But with some following of the simple app, it can make your bike a lot quicker than dropping the same amount of money on a pair of carbon bars and a new full face. Being an easy to use tool, it’s the kind of thing that we imagine bike shops might rent out for the weekend, or a bunch of bike-obsessed friends might all chip £50 in for a share of.

You can see how Wil got on with the Shockwiz here: http://singletrackworld.com/2018/01/review-quarq-shockwiz/

Shockwiz is one of those components that you might not think you need, but we’ve found that if you’re a suspension luddite, it’s almost more important than if you’re an obsessive tinkerer. After all, the tinkerer is far more likely to home in on their perfect setting, whereas the suspension don’t know/don’t care rider is more likely to be lugging around expensive suspension that is badly set up and not earning its keep.

So, there you go. Now slightly less expensive, the tool that Wil won’t ride bikes without using. Though, we’re not sure how happy the shops will be that already have these on their shelves at the old price.

It’s like looking inside Wil’s brain…

For more about Shockwiz, look here: quarq.com/shockwiz/ – and it’s available in the UK through ZyroFisher.

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