The Top 10 Most Read Stories Of 2017

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We’ve had literally millions of you read our stories this year, across a range of different platforms. Yes, we still produce an actual real life paper magazine, and it’s available in a range of digital formats for those that fear paper cuts. But living in the modern age, we also keep tabs on all the various digital channels as they emerge, and you can now see our content on Google AMP, Google News, Facebook, Facebook Instant Articles, Applenews, our website, Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube and Twitter. Blimey! More options than there are hub standards. Just.

With all those options out there, and all you millions reading our stories, some stories prove very popular – you share them with your mates, brands repost them to their followers, they tell their mates – and these stories are soon rolling around the internet like a giant snowball, collecting more and more reads as the year grinds on.

So which have gathered the greatest interest this year? Let’s check them out – are you one of the few who haven’t read them?

1. Top 25 Mountain Bikes For Billionaires

Costs about a gazillion pounds, maybe.

In at number one is this list of super priced bikes, put together by Wil. Maybe you’re all super rich oligarchs putting together your n+1 list, but we suspect you all just quite enjoy a spot of squawking ‘How Much?!?!?!’.

2. Exclusive! SunRace Launches 11-50T Cassette!

As big as the mooooon.

You all went nuts for this story – and the story behind it is fairly bonkers too. Usually products are launched with great fanfare and everyone in the industry reports their arrival at the same time. This however was a little different – it quietly appeared on the distributor’s website, where Wil spotted it and set about getting his mitts on one.

3. First Look: 2018 Specialized S-Works Epic Hardtail World Cup

Made of 100% crushed peacock feather, no wonder it’s light.

Another story from Wil, this was our first look at the rather gorgeous Specialized Epic. When it arrived in the office everyone felt the need to stroke it and wiggle it under the sunlight to admire the colour, and then they had to pick it up to feel just how featherlite it is. Not able to pick it up for yourselves, you went wild for this first look feature with its many pictures of what is surely one of the prettiest bike you’ll ever see.

4. 10 Stunning Steel Full Suspension Bikes You Cannot Ignore

Ignore it and it won’t go away.

In at number four is this list put together by Andi, our flaxen haired lover of steel. He loves bikes, especially steel ones and especially steel ones with bounce. It turns out there’s a lot of you like him out there.

5. 10 ways to be a dick in your local bike shop

This is a bit of a golden oldie – it was actually the most read article for 2016, and it bounced back with a vengeance this year, slotting in at number five!

6. Canyon Ebike Concept Ditches Suspension For Magnets

canyon concept ebike
Futuristic enough for you?

Magnets, a guaranteed winning headline, surely only beaten by cute kitten playing with magnets. Imagine, a kitten riding this bike. Photoshoppers, go for it. The rest of you, is this what the future looks like?

7. Shimano Rolls Out New Deore XT, SLX & Deore Components

Quite flashy, but not super flash.

Perhaps showing that it’s not just the flashiest of bling that gets your attention, the launch of Shimano’s latest component ranges got a lot of love.

8. Bike Check: 7.8kg Specialized S-Works Epic Hardtail

Was it the bike, the glasses, or the skin suit that got your attention?

If this Top Ten is anything to go by, you love a bit of super light XC action. Or maybe you like lycra, and skin suits? Wil’s bike check on his mate from Down Under’s race rig got you clicking.

9. Specialized Epic 2018: Farewell FSR Hello Single Pivot

Mmmm, Blurple.

You went wild for the hard tail, and wild again for the news that the full suspension Epic from Specialized was going single pivot. Wil got pretty excited about this too, and even got to ride it for Issue 116’s bike test.

10. Mojo No Longer Distributing Fox Racing Shox

What The Fox Happened?

Possibly one of the great unanswered mysteries of 2017, the sudden split of Fox from Mojo provoked much speculation and a fair amount of anxiety about what would happen if you had a warranty claim. The answer turned out to be that Silverfish has taken the Fox suspension side of things on, though quite why or what happened maybe one of those thins that only Chris Porter will ever know.

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