The Quickest-Selling-Out Event In The UK? howies Dyfi Enduro entries go on sale this Sunday

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dyfi enduro
Last year’s campsite starts to take shape…

There are now many competitors for the title of ‘Season Opener event’ – with early season 24 hour races, gravel epics and XC races all vying to be the one first event that’ll get you out of bed on a rainy morning to go and put some miles in in preparation. None, though have been doing it for as long as Machynlleth’s Dyfi Enduro.

The event, now in its 16th running (we could have sworn it was more) will take place as usual on the first May Bank Holiday weekend of the year, on Sunday May 6th. We’ve always found that it’s the ideal leg-tester for the summer season ahead. It’s also a great time to catch up with other pals from around the country who’ve been in hiding, hibernation or secret winter training camps, since last October. And it’s also the first time the tent comes back out of storage. A great time to discover that all your head torches need new batteries before you really need them…

The Dyfi Enduro takes place in Machynlleth on the same weekend as the mid-Wales comedy festival, so many riders use it as an excuse for a weekend away with friends and family. And with a popular party tent full of decent local ale, it’s also a great place to overdo your pre-ride preparation on the Saturday night. It’s no surprise to see a photo of a certain magazine editor in the beer tent photo on the official website.


The most welcome sign you’ll see all day (perhaps apart from the ‘free beer’ one…)

If you want an amusing/impressive write up from a previous (and rather wet) year, then we’d recommend reading Dan Atherton’s writeup of the 2015 event. Dan is a local resident and he’s been known to come down and watch, as has his sister Rachel, spotted with her dog under a bobble hat one year.

Ska bands, cheerleaders, hilltop rugby, Star Wars in the woods, the Dyfi has had it all over the years.
This could be you...
This could be you. Though hopefully, it won’t be quite this ‘scenic’

For more details, check out the page here: Entries this year come out at a very sensible 6pm this Sunday evening. A refreshing change from the ‘midnight on New Year’s eve’ or ‘6am on a Thursday’ entry that other events have…

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