Singletrack Magazine Issue 112 : Morocco Blues

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Carlos heads to Morocco to immerse himself in a side to this country that tourists rarely get to experience.

Words & Photography Carlos Blanchard

I hear the first small notes of a captivating tune. Guitars, drums, clapping hands… is it the blues? Sounds like the blues at least, feels like it too. These are my first thoughts the moment the driver turns on his radio and puts the volume up high.

“What is this?” I ask. “Tuareg music,” he answers. The conversation doesn’t go on too long – his English is not the best, quite broken at times. But communication always gets through, one way or another, when the language barrier comes. This time, the music is building a bridge. I try to remember the name of a musician I once heard who played exactly this kind of music, but the name does not come. I let myself sink into the surrounding rhythms. 

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