dexshell bamboo socks waterproof pink stripes puddle wet

Riding With Wet Feet Is Horrible – Are Dexshell Bamboo Waterproof Socks The Answer?

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I’ve worn the thicker, acrylic lined, Dexshell socks before, in knee length form, and while they are warm, I have found them most comfortable when worn with a thin liner sock as they’re less sweaty that way. Consequently I’ve struggled to fit them in quite a few of my shoes – limiting when I can wear them.

These lighter Dexshell Ultralite Bamboo socks have proven to be more versatile, and both Wil and I have been using them a lot. Waterproof and lined with bamboo, I’ve found these to be much less sweaty and more comfortable against my skin. I’ve often worn them on damp days with mixed forecasts ‘just in case’ when hitting the shops or just out for a stroll – they feel much more like normal socks. They’re not as thick as the other Dexshells, and not being knee high makes them a little more every-day-wear suitable.

dexshell bamboo socks waterproof pink stripes puddle wet
These are Dexshell’s lightweight bamboo socks.

I’ve found the waterproofing to be similarly effective/ineffective – ie, they’re good for splashes, but prolonged friction inside a sodden shoe will eventually lead to water penetration, and therefore wet feet. Also, the short length of these socks means that the splashes can get in over the top more easily. I do like the short length for summer wear, but given the increased comfort/decreased sweatiness, I’d quite like to see a long version of these Bamboo Ultralites for autumn days when you don’t want your legs exposed and splashes are more prevalent.

As with other waterproof socks I’ve tried, I find that you get wet eventually, but it’s a more gradual process than the sudden soaking that takes your breath away when you hit a crank deep puddle with standard socks. Doubled up with ‘waterproof’ boots gives a better level of protection again, although the shortness of these socks doesn’t sit well with boots taller than a hi-top – another reason I’d like to see a longer version.

dexshell bamboo socks waterproof pink stripes puddle wet
The waterproofing is pretty good, but once water is inside your shoes, it’ll start to work its way through the socks too.

The striped design is appealing to me – why should socks be boring? – and I quite like wearing them with jeans and trainers. I have plenty of trainers that aren’t waterproof, I hate having cold wet feet, so these are a good solution. Also, parents may wish to note that these are available in children’s sizes, something I haven’t seen in other waterproof sock offerings, and possibly a handy option (children being prone to splashing in puddles in inappropriate footwear, in my experience).


These socks are handy for summer splashes, or street sauntering, but a longer version would be welcome for wetter rides. You won’t stay dry, but they will postpone the misery of wet feet, and they’re comfortable in their own right.

Review Info

Brand: DexShell
Product: Bamboo Ultralite Socks
From: Dexshell,
Price: £22
Tested: by Hannah & Wil for 3 months
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Comments (3)

    So how do they behave once they are wet? Do they dry out easily enough?

    @footflaps I think they’re a bit quicker to dry out than others I’ve tried. They don’t seem to need the same amount of drying the outside then turning inside out to get the other side dry. More like normal socks in that regard – not sure if that’s down to the fabric or the length though.

    What are the washing instructions? I gave up on Sealskins after a couple of pairs each accidentally ended in a 40C wash within a few wears. 40C was enough to turn the waterproof layer crispy.

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