Peace, love and goodies for all bikers – it’s Fresh Goods Friday 379

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Apparently today is the day when you’re most likely to give up whatever health kick plans you had going in January. Whether it’s not drinking, being vegan, getting more exercise, or cutting down to just one pie a day, you’re probably going to crack today. Frankly, if you’ve got this far we think you’re dong pretty well. Who can blame you if after a couple of weeks at work you’re now thinking that a fried egg butty is a wholly sensible way to start the day? Or that a gin and tonic is an essential recovery drink on a Friday night? We will not blame you, nor hold it against you, though we will quietly point out that it’s a lot cheaper to lose 150g from your bottom (we’re talking it’s out surface here, not its inner contents) than it is to lose it from your bike. So maybe don’t give up completely. Just make it a sugarless gin rickey instead of G&T.

There are of course other methods of soothing your self at the end of a tough week that don’t involve breaking your fitness plans. A good bike ride being one of them. A good set of tunes being another. Here’s one. Whatever they’re doing in this video might be another option for winding down. Be warned, the video is probably on the NSFW borderline – but the tune is of the chilling and soothing variety.

Onwards then to the tonic to your week, the spritz in your Friday, and the vegan black pudding in your breakfast bap. It’s Fresh Goods Friday!

Bird Aeris 145

bird aeris 145
Nothing to do with the Florida Citrus Commission.

For all the details on this bike, check out Wil’s detailed First Look feature. For those of you who want bite sized chunks easily digestible on a Friday, this is an alloy framed full suspension bike with 27.5in wheels.

The new Deluxe and Super Deluxe shocks take the test winning Aeris performance to a whole new level. Whether you ride for fun, race enduro, or whatever your riding style, the all new Aeris 145 will blow you away with its much improved small bump sensitivity, insanely good climbing performance, and still unbeatable descending.
Pedal/frame clash. Twitch.

The 145 in the name refers to the amount of travel in the rear shock, although we will be testing it with a newly released linkage plate that extends the rear travel to 160mm. Up front, the fork can be anywhere between 150mm and 170mm – we’re running this at 160mm.

Bird Aeris 145
Boosted for this year.

Shimano AM901 Shoes

Flap, protects your feet and your laces.

New shoes from Shimano, designed to provide both protection and to be more resistant to water penetration than previous models. Of course, Shimano recommends you pair them with their new Saint SPD pedals for best effect.

Shimano AM701 Shoes

Lighter and more breathable

The 701s lose the lace shield/flap, and have a harder sole than the 801s above, but come with a gaiter to help keep the debris out of your shoes. They’re only fractionally heavier than the 801s too.

Shimano GR900 Shoes

Sticky soles and Hannah’s favourite colours.

If you’re a flat pedal fan, then these are Shimano’s latest offerings for your feet. Again the lace flap is armoured to protect your feet, while the soles are designed to be grippy on and off pedals – and especially on Shimano’s new Saint flat pedals. They’re advertised as being 35g lighter than the AM901 clip pedal equivalents.

Shimano GR700 Shoes

The lightest shoe of the four Shimano shoes here.

Just like the clip pedal pair, the GR700s lose the armoured lace flap but add in the cuff round the ankle. The lace-flap-less options have increased ventilation, both through the laces and the side mesh panels, so may well be better suited to the sunny days ahead. They will come…

Singletrack Cowbells

Know where your cow is at all times with the help of this bell.

We have a very limited number of these available, so if you want one, hop on over to the shop now to grab one. Seriously, we’ve hardly any of them, so don’t even finish reading Fresh Goods Friday if you want one. FGF will still be here when you come back!

Ortlieb Top Tube Frame Pack

Looks like it’ll take a good sub sandwich?

A waterproof pack for whatever you might choose to carry – whether it be teamed up with other packs for a big overnighter, or used on its own for every trail ride. That big orange zip is a proper waterproof one, so whatever you keep inside should stay nice a dry – a good place to keep your sherbert dib-dabs then, perhaps?

Orange Seal Versa Valve Kit

Let’s tubeless EVERYTHING!

This pack contains Calve stems and rubber grommets to fit all sizes and shapes of rim. This is a dealer kit, which contains 4x 32mm valve stems, 6x 48mm valve stems, 2x 60mm valve stems, 2x 80mm valve stems, 8x Round grommets, 8x Square grommets, 14x Valve cores, 14x Orange lock nuts w/orings, and 4x RVC tools. If you work your way through them, you can always buy a refill pack of whatever you need – and the product codes are all handily there on the box for you.

Renthal Push-On Ultra Tacky™ Grip

Not actually made of liquorice

Chipps says these are ‘as soft and tacky as a wine gum in the bottom of your pack’. He’s a big fan of the lock on version of these, but if you don’t like lock-ons, you can now get your grips with soft grippiness in a push on version. Get your head and fingers around that.

Dexshell Ultra Dri Sports Sock

Dexshell socks Wil meditating peace
Zen master.

We recently reviewed bamboo socks from Dexshell, but these are a little more winter friendly with a longer length and merino wool lining. With warm dry feet, you too could surely look as at peace with the world as Wil.

Weekly Live Roundup

If you are one of our Youtube Channel subscribers you may well have picked up a slight vibration on your phone as we went live on Friday afternoon. But don’t worry, you can watch it here if you missed it. Watch and be amazed as Chipps performs flat shoe magic live. Tell us what you are up to this weekend and make sure you click our Youtube subscribe button so you are ready for next time.

Let’s continue that serene moment with our tune to play you out. It’s rather nice. And water is good for you. Even when it’s in your shoes, and splashing you in the face. Happy weekend people, whether you spend it falling off the wagon, your bike, or both.

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