15 Of The Hottest Products From Core Bike 2018

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We’ve just got back from Core Bike 2018 where we spotted some of the hottest new kit for the coming year.

DVO Onyx Single Crown

  • From: Windwave
  • Price: TBA

Not on general display (but easily found behind their stand) is the DVO Onyx single crown fork. Based around the dual crown Onyx that will be found on the front of a few World Cup rider’s bikes this year, the single crown version offers up to 180mm travel and a slightly beefier 36mm chassis over the Diamond. Think of the Onyx as a Fox 36 or Rockshox Lyrik with a green skin.

DVO Onyx Single Crown
180mm of single crown travel sounds ideal for UK downhill duties
DVO Onyx Single Crown
Tool only axle
Air pressure release valves
Glove-friendly knobs

We expect the Onyx single crown to become a firm favorite of anyone visiting bike parks or even racing the UK downhill circuit. No pricing yet but we expect it to fit somewhere in between the Onyx Dual Drown and Diamond in the DVO range.

DVO Beryl

  • From: Windwave
  • Price: £649.99
dvo beryl
170mm max travel with 27.5in wheels on the Beryl

At the opposite end of the DVO price spectrum is the brand’s new entry-level model named the Beryl. This fork has shown up unofficially at various shows, but this was the first time we had seen the more affordable fork in an official capacity. While priced lower than the current Sapphire and Diamond models, the Beryl still offers the same chassis as the Diamond and the same damping cartridge and range of adjustability, only most of the adjusts are internal to reduce cost.

dvo beryl
DVO’s newer, more affordable fork.

The Beryl will come in 29er (which has clearance for plus-sized tyres) and 27.5-inch wheel size options and will offer travel from 140mm – 170mm (160mm max for the 29-inch wheel). The RRP on the Beryl is £649.99.

Ibis Mojo HD4

  • From: 2Pure
  • Price: £5999 as shown
Now available in two-tone black

The Ibis Mojo HD4 is now available in this stunning 2 tone black fade paint job and in various builds. A main gloss black finish fades into a matte black in a very subtle, yet stylish manner. Ibis also had the new Hakka MX gravel bike on show, and we will be bringing you photos of that later today. Watch our video below:

Lynskey Bootleg

  • From: Hotlines
  • Price: TBA
Hooligan hardtail in Ti

Lynskey’s Bootleg titanium hardtail was the talk of the show. Designed to build up as an aggressive bike for UK riding conditions, this beautifully crafted Ti bike is sure to make a splash once it finally launches later this year. More photos coming soon, but in the meantime enjoy the following video.

Exposure Diablo Sync

  • From: Exposure Lights
  • Price: TBA
exposure diablo sync
There’s an App for that

Exposure had an app-controlled light at Core Bike. The Diablo Sync is a Bluetooth enabled light that can be controlled via a bar mounted remote or via an app on your Android or iOS device.

exposure diablo sync
Controlled by App or handlebar mounted switch
exposure diablo sync
Bluetooth connectivity is especially useful when using a helmet mounted light

Exposure says that the app will be able to control up to 18 lights when finalised and will have options to fine tune the runtime and brightness via the easy to use interface. In addition to gaining Bluetooth, the Diablo Sync now sports an eye-watering 1850 lumens!

DMR Zone 157mm Hub

  • From: Upgrade
  • Price: £129.99
dmr zone superboost hub
Super Boost arrives at DMR

Pivot, Knolly, and some Mondraker bikes already use the widest Super Boost standard for rear wheels, now DMR is offering an aftermarket hub measuring in at 157mm too.

dmr zone superboost hub
Also available in non-super sizing

Pricing is just £129.99 but don’t worry if you haven’t got Super-Boost because you can also get it in 135mm, 142mm and 148mm width options too.

ABUS Montrailer ACE Helmet

  • From: Zyro
  • Price: £129.99 – £149.99
abus montrailer
The Abus Montrailer will get a few changes before it is released

ABUS showed us a pre-production version of the new Montrailer helmet. The Montrailer will come with a host of unique features including a five shell outer to spread impact force, a clear visor for better visibility in gloomy conditions, and a sticky pad on the rear to keep your goggle strap in place.

The Montrailer will come in a range of colours, and a MIPS liner as an option too. A more affordable version of the Montrailer will also be released with the same design but with a three piece shell instead.

661 Reset Helmet

  • From: Hotlines
  • Price: £75.00
661 reset helmet
An all-new 661 full-face model with 7 size options

661 has a new full-face helmet named the Reset boasting an all-new design and a huge number of sizing options to ensure you get a perfect fit. The 661 embossed shell will come with a stealth black finish or a pearlescent white and orange two-tone option with flowers on the back!

661 reset helmet
Flowers for the win. (661 makes matching gloves too!)
661 reset helmet
The Reset is designed to offer premium features at an affordable price

We will be receiving one of these helmets soon so keep your eyes peeled for a first look and review. More info in the video below:

661 Gloves

  • From: Hotlines
  • Price: TBA
661 gloves
Not fireworks

In addition to the Reset helmet are a new range of 661 gloves that will come in complementary colours so you can have a full matching 661 ensemble. We hope to get a few pairs of these soon too.

661 gloves
Six Six One branding also aids grip for one and two finger braking
661 gloves
Tropical birds

Giro Gravity Shoes

  • From: Zyro
  • Price: £110 – £120
giro gravity shoes
Vibram soles throughout the range

Giro has updated its range of gravity shoes to include the new Chamber 2 and Riddance shoe models. Both shoes come with Vibram soles and new Eva mid-soles for cushioning. The Chamber 2 is the SPD shoe based on the current Chamber known in EWS circles, while the Riddance is for flat pedal riders. Riddance shoes will come in either a low or mid option with prices ranging from £110 to £120.

giro gravity shoes
Flat pedal and SPD riders are catered for.
giro gravity shoes
Mid shoes adds a little more protection

Classic Panaracer Smoke and Dart Tyres Reissue

  • From: Zyro
  • Price: £39.99 each
panaracer smoke and dart
Return of the classic Smoke

If you’ve been involved in the mountain bike world for a while then the classic Panaracer Smoke and Dart combo are likely to bring you a warm, fuzzy feeling of nostalgia. At Core Bike, we discovered that the Smoke and Dart are back for 2018 as part of Panaracer’s Classic range costing a cool £39.99 per end and appear to only come in original 26in flavor.

panaracer smoke and dart
Dart for the front but only for 26in wheels
panaracer smoke and dart
Perfect for those retro bike fans
panaracer smoke and dart
Wonder how they stack up against today’s tyres?

Feedback Chain Keeper

  • From: 2Pure
  • Price: £50.00
chain keeper
Reassuringly expensive

Feedback had this beautifully made Chain Keeper tool on display. The idea is that you can remove your rear wheel and still work or your drivetrain with the chain running on the built-in pulley wheel. Feedback also mention the Chain Keeper is ideal for use when traveling when your bike is packed away in a box or bag.

chain keeper
Simple one-handed operation and suitable for all axle types

Reynolds TR Carbon Wheels

  • From: Upgrade
  • Price: £1300
reynolds wheels
New carbon wheelsets for XC and Enduro

Reynolds had new carbon wheelsets on show with a really easy to understand naming system. Basically each wheel gets a 3 digit number code with the two first numbers telling the width of the rim and the last digit the size of the wheel, so the 309 TR is 30mm wide 29ers, the 249 is a 29inch wheel with 24mm width and the 367, well we’ll let you fill in those details. Here’s more about the wheels from Upgrade Bikes.

Magura MT7 Custom Brakes

  • From: Magura
  • Price: 600 Euros
magura mt7
Magura goes bling

Magura had these limited edition MT7 brakes on display at Core Bike. Only 100 sets of the brake will be available and each one comes with a super shiny polished 4 pot caliper with neat light blue caps. At the lever end of the system, this limited edition MT7 has the same HC3 levers as the Danny Macaskill signature brakes. If you wanted a set of these then be prepared to hand over 600 Euros for the set.

The same lever tech as used by BMW
Polished 4 pot calipers
The HC3 sports huge amounts of adjustment

Box One Components

  • From: MooreLarge
Box now offers handlebars
Box Wheels to add to the growing range of Box Components


Not exactly new, but rather lovely to look at none-the-less was the range of Box One components on display. In addition to its 11-speed derailleurs and new twin paddle shifters were a range of handlebars, and wheelsets for all disciplines.

If that doesn’t fill your Core Bike 2018 appetite then watch out for our Bikes of Core Bike article coming soon.


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    If you want to keep your chain in check whilst travelling with the wheels off you can also put the rear axle back in with the chain running round it, it keeps it nicely tensioned and untangled.

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