Intense Bikes Go Direct To Consumers In UK

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Intense Cycles will be going direct to consumer effective immediately, and to do that they’ll still be working with their UK distributor Saddleback, who’ll be setting the bikes up before dispatch. That doesn’t just mean tightening a few bolts; apparently they’ll even be asking customers riding weights then setting up the suspension for them.

From now on these will be going straight to people’s doorstep, though not via the World Cup track at Fort William.

The impact of this for consumers has a couple of facets. Firstly, have now gone down on Intense bikes. Looking at pricing from earlier this year we found differences ranging from £600 to £1550. Secondly, you will no longer be able to buy Intense bikes from dealers. That means if your local bike shop was an Intense dealer, they’ll have to find a new brand from now on.

Intense rider Joe Breeden.

This news technically broke last week, but the few reports around were inaccurate and we’ve waited until now to confirm details. At the present time, we cannot confirm whether Saddleback will be taking all remaining stock back from dealers or not, but at the time of writing on Monday morning, some online retailers and bike shops still have 2017 Intense bikes for sale. In future though, Saddleback will be the face of Intense UK and hold all UK stock for Intense Cycles.

Bikes are available via, and UK pricing is as follows:

Foundation Bikes £3000
Expert Bikes £3750
Pro Bikes £4899.00
Elite Bikes £6000
Factory Bikes £8000

Any bikes bought direct in the UK will come with this toolkit too.

Full release below, note the phone number is a different line to Saddleback’s main contact number, but on the same area code:

“Intense Rider Direct, the full service direct to consumer site, allowing Global riders to shop bike, & accessories with world class support. Intense Rider Direct for the UK available at

“The Benefits. The world renowned Intense bicycles are now available in the UK with more competitive and accessible retail prices, professional brand expertise and knowledge and the full offering of new and current models, colours and sizes. The online direct model has also allowed the world-wide connection of all Intense riders into a global community.

“The brand-new website,, is the home of all the information you need to choose the right Intense, find the support you need pre-and post-purchase and become a part of the Intense For Life club.

“Intense For Life programme: We’re so confident you’ll love your new Intense that if you don’t, you can return it up to 14 days after receiving it – giving you a chance to sample the exceptional quality, renowned innovation, and thrilling ride that every Intense bike is known for. Ride it or return it. It’s as simple as that.
UK-based customer service team

“Got a question? Want some advice? You can rest assured that you can contact our Intense Cycles UK-based customer service team for all your enquiries. Our experts are here to help and love sharing their experience of all things Intense. Just call us on 01454 550 343 or email

“Assembled and tuned specifically for you and fast dispatch. We only list in-stock bikes on the site and whichever Intense you choose, it’ll roll straight from our on-site UK warehouse to the workshop, where it’ll be specifically tuned and setup for your riding style by our in-house mechanics, all of whom are experienced and passionate riders themselves. We will tune the suspension on your bike specifically to your weight and riding style meaning you will get optimum performance from day one.

“No one likes paying over the odds for shipping so unlike some other direct bike brands our bike shipping is totally free. What’s more, because we are UK based we aim to build, tune and dispatch your bike to you within 24 hours of your order. Meaning you can be on the trail before you know it. And that’s not all! Every customer that orders a bike will receive a custom Intense tool kit and shock pump.

“The Intense range: Making the fastest bikes on the planet has always been in the DNA of Intense Cycles. From the creation of the M1 in 1993, essentially the first DH bike of its kind to the first 29er DH bike in 2010, we have always striven to be the leading brand in bike design, innovation and redefining performance expectations. This 20-plus year heritage continues with the introduction of the JS suspension system, which we have implemented into the entire 2018 range to give you a speed machine for any scenario.

“Race fans will also get a chance to see our latest bikes in action under the Intense Racing UK team who are making a big splash on the UK and International scene, so keep your eyes peeled for what’s sure to be an exciting 2018 season. Stay tuned to for upcoming demo schedule announcements, which will give you the chance to come and talk to the Intense Cycles UK technical team and try a bike of your choice.”

intense carbine punta ala italy wil
The most recent Intense Carbine had a divisively loud colour scheme.

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    Why am I not surprised, loyalty to a brand obviously means little when those dealers have helped to promote and nurture the brand here in the UK only for that loyalty to have little or no value, personally I hope they suffer a little as I certainly wouldn’t buy a bike without a test ride and back up from my LBS, obviously it’s all about the numbers, unless you know about a brand, brand awareness through distribution, then how can they expect potential customers to aspire to owning an Intense bike if they are now invisible.

    Agree with the above , if you are in the market for a new bike and narrowed it down to 3 or 4 bikes you want to try out one won’t be an Intense . My LBS told me if I wanted to demo a Whyte they would charge me £75 for a w/e , I know that’s to stop time wasters and you get it back if you buy a bike but you could end up spending £200 and more trying to find the right bike .

    Especially when they are asking you to drop between 3 and 8 THOUSAND pounds on a bike. There is absolutely no way I’d drop that kind of money without being able to try it first.

    Wouldn’t be so bad if Jeff Steber wasn’t full of shite. I spoke to him about the Hard Eddie when it was first released. Based on his answers I bought one, then had to but a new crank and fudge a BB as he was full of poop and my current ones woukd fit.

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