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Review: Lazer Ultrax Helmet

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The Lazer Ultrax helmet is designed to sit between lightweight, airy XC helmets and full-on Enduro lids and does a good job of taking the best features of each. Looks-wise it follows a more traditional XC helmet design but on steroids and lower at the rear. It has plenty of coverage for protection and also 23 sizable vents to keep the air-flowing. So, whilst it’s not as cool as an XC helmet, it’s cooler than an Enduro one (reviewer verified) and whilst not offering the protection of an Enduro lid, it has more than an XC helmet (due to no large crashes, this is not reviewer verified). You get the gist, right?

Lazer Ultrax helmet
Bigger than an XC lid, smaller than an enduro lid, also smaller than a literal breadbox.

I was really impressed with Lazer’s Advanced TurnFit System (ATS) adjustable retention system. It works to equally tensions up the front and rear baskets of the helmet by the turn of a large dial at the rear. This retention system gives a really securely fitting helmet, accommodating all the contours of my bonce without any pressure points. Unlike most other helmets I’ve worn, I haven’t needed to cinch up the retention dial each time I’ve put it on, even though I’ve got a squashy pony tail to work around. To get a good fit, the rear basket is adjustable on a ratchet strap. This can be a bit tricky to release but you’ll only need to do this a couple of times when you’re first sorting the fit. The range of adjustment of this part of retention system is such you can get it sitting really firmly and comfortably around your occiput contributing to an excellent fit and a real feeling of security.

Lazer Ultrax helmet
23 vents to keep you cool.

Whilst the retention system was perfect for my head, my ears were much less keen on the straps. The adjustment here is fairly straightforward – moveable clips which clamp the fore and back ear straps under your lobe – but however much I tried I just couldn’t get them to lie without sitting uncomfortably on the front or back of my ear. I’m not entirely sure why I’ve been having this problem, my ears are of fairly standard size, shape and placement and it’s not something I normally have problems with. My best guess is it’s due to the straps being reasonably thick and so have lesser flexibility meaning their edges press onto my ear rather than just lying across.

Lazer Ultrax helmet
Plenty of those vents are in the back.

The peak is adjustable by a small ratchet under its front centre. As well as adjustment, the ratchet also holds the peak firmly in place which makes it much less prone to on-trail alterations by tree branches. The small button-like catch is straight forward enough to operate off the bike but not easy to do whilst you’re riding. Personally I only adjust my peak occasionally on the move, and that’s usually when I’ve bashed it out of position, so given this peak is held securely it hasn’t bothered me that you can’t adjust on the fly.

Lazer Ultrax helmet
The retention system circles your whole head. It did so without creating pressure points for our reviewer.

The Ultrax comes in a number of different shell and peak colours (white, blue and black shells with black, white, green, yellow and orange peaks) so you should be able to find one to match your bike (or not, depending on your will). Size-wise there is a medium (52-57cm) and large (59-61cm) and the medium fitted my 56cm head nicely. Claimed weight for the medium is 290g but tipped my scales at 312g, a hefty 100g more than my Specialized S3 but within one gram of my Smith Forefront.

Lazer Ultrax helmet
Adjusting straps around ears was a little awkward.

The Ultrax doesn’t feature some of the higher end technologies and so is reasonably affordable compared to some modern day helmets (if you want to pay more money for more protection the Lazer Revolution is available). A bonus is that Lazer is one of a decreasing number of manufactures to offer a crash replacement for their helmets at a decent percentage discount. They will replace your Ultrax for £35 (less than half price) if it’s less than three years old and you still have your proof of purchase so it’s definitely worth holding onto your receipt.

Lazer Ultrax helmet
The retention dial makes adjusting fit easy.

Overall: I never used to give my helmet choice any thought but after a few recent crashes I’ve started to consider the pay off between the lightweight and airy comfort of my skinny XC lid and the reassurance of my bigger Enduro helmet. The Ultrax has proved to be neither one nor the other which makes it the perfect balance for most of my riding.

Lazer Ultrax helmet
It fitted well, even over a ponytail.
Lazer Ultrax helmet
The peak is adjustable with a ratchet under the centre.


Review Info

Brand: Lazer
Product: Ultrax Helmet
From: Madison
Price: £79.99
Tested: by Rachel Sokal for two months

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Comments (2)

    Few months ago i turned up for a ride in hebden without my giro montaro,a 45 minute trip home wasn,t an option.
    A knock on blazings door ten mins early had me in the shop .full ratail £79.99 later i purchased a lazer ultrax .
    Ive never put the montaro on again.
    By far the best helmet ive ever used.
    Its the only helmet to not put pressure on the back of my head,i either have to run my helmets slack to avoid this which increases movement on descents or have it for right but have a headache.
    The straps are an issue upon first ride but the fact there stiffer means you lift your fingers under them to move them away from your ears and thats where they it befire every ride and they don,t touch the ears again .
    The one thing not mentioned was the reflector and lights integration which is a great bonus back up day/night light but these are optinal extras.
    I honestly wasn,t sold on the styling and still don,t think its a looker but its just so damm comfy im absolutly sold on it.
    The pads temain like new unlike the giro montaro,s which last half a ride before failing around the seems .
    Only chris akrigg makes this helmet look good but that aside its a stella helmet and whilst buying from blazing or your own lbs is much more expensive than buying online and returning should it not fit ,i seriusly suggest this is one of few components thats worth stumping up full retail to try a few on in the shop .
    Stella helmet 8/10 from me

    Always good to hear positive feed back about my shop! Just to say that Singletrack members get 10% off accessories – Im just sorry that we didn’t find out that you were a member on the day in question. Given this kind of discount you might find LBS’s can be competitive especially on products that are current. Another example is that we have a sale on bikes this month and all have been price checked online. In short, please don’t be put off checking your LBs’s for good deals before you shop online.

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