Race Face Introduces New Carbon Wheel Guarantee

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Most bike companies offer some kind of guarantee on products, but sometimes riders have to do a bit of digging in the terms and conditions (i.e. “lifetime” doesn’t often mean the lifetime of the rider, and many are not transferrable between riders). Mountain biking being full of knocks and tumbles, not many cover accidental damage. Race Face are doing something different for their wheels though: a two year guarantee, during which they’ll replace broken wheels for any reason, even crashes, or someone running a wheel over.

Here’s their jaunty advert:

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Race Face Carbon Confidence Guarantee
Race Face Next R wheels were new for 2017.

The Next R wheels were announced in April this year; here are some key stats: 31mm internal width, hookless beads, 1680g for a 27.5in wheelset, same spoke length on every side of each wheel, 5 spare spokes included per set, they come set up tubeless, and the rear hub has 120-point engagement. UK price is around £1548 per set, via UK distributor Silverfish. If you want to read the guarantee terms they’re here (tldr; original owner only, must be purchased from an authorised dealer, like-for-like or equivalent replacement only). Full release below.

Race Face Carbon Confidence Guarantee
You probably won’t do this, just as your kid probably won’t take a power drill or reciprocating saw to them, but just in case…


Press Release: Race Face introduces their Carbon Confidence Guarantee!

“It’s clear that people love to abuse their bikes. And coming up on 25 years of building industry leading bicycle components, we’ve seen just about every story of JRA imaginable. From botched gaps to bikes on roof racks meeting garage entrances, the tragic stories of components lost before their time get shared amongst riders like folklore. And while these can be fun for wrenches filling in some #bikeshopbingo, we want to ensure our customers are getting the full lifetime of their product, especially when it comes to an investment in ride quality like Next R carbon wheels.

“Race Face believes that their carbon wheels are top of the class; and are so durable they are offering the following 2 year, no fault, guarantee to the original retail purchaser with proof of purchase. At the discretion of Race Face we will, within 2 years of your original purchase, repair or replace your carbon wheel regardless of how the damage occurred or what the damage is. This guarantee covers your complete carbon wheel, including the rim, spokes, and hub with bearings to ensure you have a fully functioning, ride-ready wheel.

“You won’t. But if you do, we’ll cover it.”

Race Face Carbon Confidence Guarantee
… Race Face seem to be offering a no quibble guarantee.
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