Moksha: A Film About Nepali Mountain Bike Guides

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This week a film named Moksha launched on Kickstarter. The film has already been shot; they’re just seeking funding to cover later parts of the process, such as editing.

It’s a little different to most mountain bike films, in that it’s a documentary about three women from Nepal who are aiming to become mountain bike guides, and already have some British guiding qualifications. If you think women mountain bikers are a minority here in the UK, in the trailer they estimate that in Kathmandu, with a population of over a million people, there are five or six, maybe seven women who ride mountain bikes.
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You can also see a bit more footage in this Instagram post.

Moksha - Kickstarter
This being Nepal, the scenery is also dope.

The producers are a collective named AndShesDopeToo, who aren’t mountain bike specific, but describe themselves as a worldwide adventure collective for women. Their aim is to get away from competitive/comparative culture and instead create supportive communities and events for women who enjoy the outdoors.

Moksha - Kickstarter
Moksha follows three Nepali women though a bike-packing trip and several races.

“Moksha is a film that highlights three Nepali women who have dedicated themselves to spreading the joy that mountain biking can bring women across the Himalayas.

“Follow these young women as they compete in mountain bike races across the Asian continent, claim titles as the first female MBLA certified mountain bike guides in Nepal and most importantly, act as role models for other women and girls all around the world.

Moksha - Kickstarter
If it’s this far up in the sky, does that make it north of Northshore?

“This authentic and moving film celebrates Usha, Nishma and Roja as they remain true to their dreams of adventure and environmental stewardship. Balancing cultural and familial obligations and pushing for a much more gender and socially equitable society in their home country of Nepal.”

Moksha - Kickstarter
Breathtaking scenery.

“The title of our film, Moksha means freedom, from a male driven, patriarchal society. Nepal remains a nation where almost half of the population gets married between the age of 14 and 19. Most women will never have the chance to seek opportunities outside the home. The leading cause of death of women of reproductive age is suicide, and over 12,000 women and children are trafficked to the Middle East and India every year, mainly for exploitation in brothels or as forced labor.

Moksha - Kickstarter
Usha is one of three women working to become the first female mountain bike guides in Nepal.

“MOKSHA is a film project designed to invest in the future of Nepali women, by connecting with and supporting female Nepali mountain bike riders with immense potential to thrive, and in turn, lift the nation through companionship and adventure. The film follows the long road of success and failure of women who push for opportunities to build skills crucial to personal development, increased employment potential, and Moksha.”

You can read more on Kickstarter:

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    Would love to see this get funded and have backed it. It’s horrific to read about the suicide rate and the number of women and children trafficked.

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