ODLO Glentress 7 Entries Open November 10th

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Entries for the ODLO Glentress 7 go live this Friday, 10th of November at 19:30 (The race is on Saturday May 26th, 2018). If you pre-register with this link they tweeted yesterday, you can get a headstart on registration.

Last year a whole load of the Singletrack Crew went up; our Tech Editor Wil dislocated his shoulder on the first lap, and caught it on video (not recommended for the squeamish):

[fbvideo link=”https://www.facebook.com/singletrackmag/videos/10155019199728612/” width=”650" height=”400" onlyvideo=”1"]

He spent the rest of the weekend doing Facebook live videos in a sling (it’s better now, thanks for asking). Tweedlove’s full release is below, warning also that tickets for the other Tweedlove races will go up next week, so fingers at the ready.

Tweedlove 2018 events going on sale
The Glentress 7 is a seven hour endurance event.

“ODLO Glentress 7 (Sat 26 May) – the ever-popular seven-hour XC trailfest will go on sale this Friday (10 November) evening at 7.30pm. Solos sell out fast and pairs usually not far behind. Pre-registered riders are being sent a priority entry code so will have a 48 hour window for first dibs before general entries open.

“The Whyte Bikes British Enduro Championship (8-10 June) and the other Triple Crown enduros will go on sale later next week – details of exact time and day to be announced imminently.

“Full TweedLove 2018 programme details released soon, and most other events will go on sale in the next few weeks, with some of the kids events held over and opening after new year.”

Entries and event details will all be available via tweedlove.com


Tweedlove 2018 events going on sale
The Tweed Valley holds a lot more than the Glentress 7 course.

“Glentress Seven is TweedLove’s flagship endurance mountain bike event, and firmly established as one of Scotland’s most popular MTB events. It’s a great day’s riding and racing for everyone, with the emphasis on great trails and a friendly, fun atmosphere.

Expect some nice climbs, fantastic singletrack, great descents and a whole lot of fun – you can go as hard, or easy, as you like. The main descent is a total classic and not open for riding the rest of the year.”

Tweedlove 2018 events going on sale
Seven hours of this await you.

David Hayward

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David started mountain biking in the 90’s, by which he means “Ineptly jumping a Saracen Kili Racer off anything available in a nearby industrial estate”. After growing up and living in some extremely flat places, David moved to Yorkshire specifically for the mountain biking. This felt like a horrible mistake at first, because the hills are so steep, but you get used to them pretty quickly.

Previously, David trifled with road and BMX, but mountain bikes always won. He’s most at peace battering down a rough trail, quietly fixing everything that does to a bike, or trying to figure out if that one click of compression damping has made things marginally better or worse. The inept jumping continues to this day.

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