Video: Sweary Race Run From Amanda Batty

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Consider yourself warned: this race run from Amanda Batty, recorded this past weekend at the Fire Five women’s pro race at Angel Fire, New Mexico, is incredibly sweary. It’s not occasionally sweary; it’s frequently, loudly, sonorously profane. If you’re in public or near kids, your elderly in laws, etc., or perhaps if you’re offended by the semantic meaning of syllables us humans can make simply by flapping our mouth meat, beware.

Amanda is a downhill mountain bike racer, and has written for us recently too. Despite a high speed crash, she took first place in this last race of the series. Thunderstruck by AC/DC seems to be coming from her bike, not the start gate. Also, take a moment to notice how Aspens against the blue sky look almost like an image from science-fiction:

(No video? Try this link).

Amanda also tends to publish short bits of analysis on her races, both in YouTube descriptions and on her equally sweary Instagram:

“Angel Fire, NM, October 8 2017: Five Five Pro Women’s Race Run

“I’ll be honest: a lot of the first bit from yesterday’s race run is difficult for me to watch. It’s pretty obvious that I’m struggling through the top corners and missing my lines and when I crash, it’s almost as though it’s expected. I could examine that one a bit more thoroughly (as that’s the weirdest place on the planet to crash), but I won’t. What I love about this video are the changes you can clearly see in my speed between when I leave the gate and when I start relaxing right before the crash and then again after I hit the tree with my bar end and miss the jump. Personally, it’s always an interesting look into how my self-talk creates my reality as well as how my breathing patterns and relaxation/flow levels change in different sections of the track and how it all affects my performance level. It wasn’t the cleanest of the most graceful run, but I learned a lot. Welcome to downhill racing, folks. :)”

We’ve been watching this in the office this morning, and it all looks fast to us!

Amanda Batty - Angel Fire, Fire Five women's pro race
Amanda is fast as, er, f***. We have to censor ourselves because of, um, Radio 4 rules or something.

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    ??????????????????? hardly any swear words in that. had to wait over 2 mins for the first fuck.

    Most impressive is the way Batty rides all the big/tricky/gnarly stuff perfectly, then falls off on a dead straight flat bit! 😉 That’s just the way it goes sometimes folks!

    Good lord! That’s not the talk of a lady.
    That looks rapid!

    Sorry to disappoint you, poah 😀

    @Kayak23 – you would probably come to regret saying that to Amanda’s face 😛

    Jeez that looks like the vid is sped up in places but I don’t think it is. Very rapid.

    Just as I thought she was getting close to the trees she clipped one! I really enjoyed that vid, it was seriously fast and seemed raw, or as her slogan is “rowdy”.

    Well, I can’t honestly remember the last time I heard a heavily breathing woman say f&*^ so many times in 5 mintues…

    Can we have Amanda instead of Claudio for Fort William commentary?

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