Kickstarter: History Of Freeride Documentary

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Even if this doesn’t get off the ground and make it into full length glory, the trailer alone is worth a watch. Archive footage of people doing terrifying things on terrifying bikes with little more than a bit of polystyrene packaging strapped to their heads for protection. Yay! Scar shots. Yay! Lots of big air and teetery looking boardwalk. Erk!

Can’t see the trailer? Go here.

You know when you see a bunch of people that are all effortlessly cool and you just wish you could have been there to be cool with them? Sigh. Even though they are getting old, they’re still probably cooler than most of us could ever dream of. They probably don’t use the word cool though, that’s probably not cool. And we bet all their high fives hit home and there are no awkward wrist bumping moments – or ‘Jeremy’s‘.

This gang of effortlessly cool people has also made a ‘why you should give us money’ video, which is kind of entertaining too.

Can’t see the campaign video? Go here.

As ever with Kickstarter, there are a range of perks to be had if you give these people money. Some of them are very cool, and some of them are a bit strange.

Apparently not that creepy, as someone has bought this already.
Can you wear a ‘Rocker Tank’ if you live in the UK and want to be taken seriously?

Anyhow, let’s hope people are lured in by the array of rewards on offer, because it looks like the resulting movie should make for fun viewing. Head here if you’re interested in supporting it.

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    Give them money now I want to watch this!

    Spent many a happy hour on foot just trying to find some of the old trails up in North Van, you could just take a line through the forest and almost always stumble across something insane/awesome.

    It took me ages to find the stunt shown in the long panning shot near the end, lots of skinnies onto a boulder and drop at the other side, called ‘The McNugget’ and part of the ‘GMG’ trail (I think). Looked so temptingly rideable except for the final platform after the boulder.

    Just had notification through this morning that THE MOMENT has been successfully funded. It’s in the throws of finalizing the edit of the film, etc. as well as planning the film tour.

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