G2 Carbon Kona Process Teased, Launch Date Revealed

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We’ve all heard the rumors and you may have even seen the spy photos, but this is the most official first look at the 2nd generation Kona Process we’ve seen so far!

The Kona Process has been one of the top hard-hitting/enduro bikes to beat ever since it launched. The current range which consists of 3 bikes has remained largely unchanged since it was first revealed to the world, but even this most popular and well-received bike has to be given an update at some point and that point looks to be closing in.

While we don’t have any complete photos of the new Kona Process to share with you, we do have some very revealing detail photos, best of all they don’t come from “Mr. Blurry Cam” the usual purveyor of spy photos but Kona themselves.

2018 carbon kona process teaser
Right from the horses mouth!

If you head on over to Konaworld.com and scroll to the bottom of the page you’ll discover 3 detail shots of a light blue (Turquoise) frame with a few details highlighted below each image. Kona hasn’t made any effort to disguise the fact these are from the next generation Kona Process and clearly mention that this is the “Kona Process G2”.

2018 carbon kona process teaser
No mention of carbon in the text but this model is clearly made of the wonder stuff. Right?

So now that we have these images what do they reveal? Well, before we even delve into the text it’s clear to us that this new Kona Process, or at least part of the range, is going to be made of carbon. There has been talk of a carbon Process for years now, and finally, 2018 seems to be the model year that we will see one.

2018 carbon kona process teaser
A change in shock location for the 2018 Kona Process!

It also appears that the shock position has changed on the Kona Process G2 as well. This second image shows the lower shock mount position down towards the bottom bracket shell, a clear departure from the current version that uses a shock yoke.

The text confirms that the next generation Kona Process will have a new design and that it has been designed to climb like shorter travel bikes. This might be a hat tip to a move away from shorter travel Process bikes like the 111 and 134 but doesn’t tell us how much travel this new bike will be running.

2018 carbon kona process teaser
A short rear end for the Kona Process G2, but what are the other changes?

We can also read that the Process G2 won’t have any flip chips to change the geometry, but will boast a short rear end and the type of progressive geometry we’re used to from this type of aggressive trail/enduro bike.

2018 carbon kona process teaser
Not long to wait!

The final tidbit revealed is the launch date for the new Kona Process, 12th September 2017! Only 11 days to go until we see the all new bike and see what changes Kona has made to their iconic model. What do you make of these teasers so far, and what do you think about the idea of a redesigned Kona Process? Let us know in the comments section below

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