Eurobike 2017: Acros Tools And Wheels

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Acros are another one of those brands which don’t seem to have impinged much on the UK, so we went to see what was up at Eurobike (or EURIBOKE, as we’ve taken to typing it when in the throes of exhaustion take hold). What we found included everything from components so brightly coloured even Chipps might think twice about them, to deeply sensible looking black carbon wheels. Carry on reading below to get a taste of what Acros do.

Eurobike 2017: Acros

The Acros Bizarre Bar would go perfectly with Chipp’s Antur-Stiniog jersey. It has a 35mm clamp, 780mm width, 8º backsweep, and 5º upsweep. It comes with 15mm or 20mm rise, weighs 320g, and has an RRP of €74.95.

At the other end of the scale for sensible, they’re launching these XC 29er carbon race wheels, with a weight per set of just 1176g. They run on Boost hubs, have an internal rim width of 19.1mm, and cost €1399.


Eurobike 2017: Acros
These are Acros new 29er race wheels. They’re decidedly for XC.
Eurobike 2017: Acros
The rims are asymmetric carbon.
Eurobike 2017: Acros
Bucking industry trends, the internal rim width is 19.1mm.
Eurobike 2017: Acros
They run on Acros’ XC Nineteen hubs, which in themselves only weigh 209g for a rear, or 104g for a front hub.
Eurobike 2017: Acros
And here’s the rear, with XD driver. Both run straight pull Sapim CX Ray spokes.

Back to the colourful stuff, they had this lovely frame of woven bartape with contour lines moulded into it.

Eurobike 2017: Acros
No touching allowed, and it’s not edible either.

Their Silicone Wrap bar tape comes in 1.85m rolls, and costs €34.90.

As well as bike bits, Acros sell many of their own presses and tools for bearings and headsets. Below is the A-BB T bottom bracket tool, for Shimano Hollowtech II bottom brackets.

Eurobike 2017: Acros
The A-BB T, RRP €61.95

Partly Acros make these tools because they already own their own bearing factory too. In addition to that, they have OEM deals for bearings with Canyon and Focus bikes, among others. This is their AH-T headset press, which is much swankier than some threaded rod or a mallet, and costs €239.95. The handles seem to use any lock on handlebar grips you like.

Eurobike 2017: Acros
AH-T headset press, RRP €239.95

Somewhat cheaper is the AH-T Do It Yourself, which is still much fancier than some bits of wood and threaded rod, and much cheaper than the heavy duty press above, at just €19.95.

Eurobike 2017: Acros
Perhaps more within the average home mechanic’s price range?
Eurobike 2017: Acros
You have to hum the Close Encounters music as you’re using it though.

(Edit: Thanks to commenter starvinmarvin for pointing out they do have a UK distributor. While you can buy direct from Acros if anything here has caught your eye, Oxford Products distribute Acros in the UK.

Also, in keeping with the theme of sustainability we saw from some companies at Eurobike 2017, Acros’ stand furniture and displays this year were entirely made from interlocking bits of cardboard:

Eurobike 2017: Acros
Probably not going to last long, but at least it’s easily recycled.
Eurobike 2017: Acros
Proof that it’s usable furniture.
Eurobike 2017: Acros
They certainly weren’t shy about this.

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    quality products especially the headsets & bb
    wonder why balfa stopped being the uk dizzy.

    Acros do have a UK distributor. Oxford Products took on distribution earlier in the summer and have stock of the complete range.

    @starvinmarvin: Thanks! I’ve updated the story to reflect that (no dealers or distributors show up for the UK on their website, I guess it’s just out of date).

    That cardboard furniture is amazing!

    Not impressed with acros nineteen hubs! I would avoid…

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