Selle Italia Royal eZone

WTF: eZone, The eBike Specific Saddle

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Selle Royal have just launched the worlds first eBike specific saddle, which may sound ridiculous, but they’ve apparently been studying ebike accidents and developed this is response to the data. See what you think…

“Italian brand Selle Royal is releasing its new saddle eZone, the first saddle on the market specifically designed for modern commuter, leisure, touring, off-road and urban eBikes. This new saddle is the result of the first comprehensive study of eBike users, which Selle Royal conducted in collaboration with world leading designers at BMW Group subsidiary Designworks. The study identified a number of performance characteristics from eBike users that could benefit from an eBike-specific saddle design.

Selle Italia Royal eZone
The handle at the back is apparently for lifting your eMTB around. It’s not clear if it’s a help or hindrance to doing superman seatgrabs; we might have to wait for eCrankworx to find out.

“eZone uses patented technology and has a range of eBike-specific features such as eFit Design, an elevated rear section to prevent backward sliding and shorter nose to aid in mounting, Acceleration Control, a zonal design to enhance control and balance for added safety during acceleration, and eGrip, a fibreglass integrated handle for easy manoeuvring. The saddle is padded with 3D Skingel, a tridimensional gel structure that reduces pressure peaks by up to 40%.”

Selle Italia Royal eZone
The future! It looks very wide, but if you examine those seat rails…
Selle Italia Royal eZone
… it’s actually smaller than it looks and just has a shorter nose than most saddles.
Selle Italia Royal eZone

“Until recently, saddles marketed specifically for eBikes have included a handle to aid in movement or other cosmetic considerations, but the design of the saddle itself has essentially been the same as a traditional bicycle saddle. Before eZone, no other brands have conducted a study on what are the particular usage characteristics of an eBike and how these affect saddle comfort and support.

Selle Italia Royal eZone
Look, here it is on an eMTB. It’s not clear what’ll happen if you put it on a normal mountain bike.

“Road safety studies have identified excessive throttle application from a dead stop or when shifting to a higher gear to be the number one cause of eBike accidents, partly due to the slippage factor from “flat” traditional saddles. It logically follows that the speed and thrust generated by the eBike motor requires a specific shape to secure the rider’s position and ensure safety.

Selle Royal eZone Cargo
It may be eBike specific, but It’s not just MTB specific, look here it is on a cargo bike…

“Selle Royal’s eZone designers understood that sudden forward movement produces a wave-effect, which requires performance zones to address acceleration, sitting comfort and handling. For the new design, the designers raised the rear portion of the saddle and added wings with which the rider can steer and adapt thrust with precision. To guarantee comfort, the wings are made to flex, supported by rubber inserts, for greater feel and tractability.”

eZone will be available from Selle Royal and dealers from October 2017, with an RRP of £80.

Selle Italia Royal eZone
… and here it is on a commuter bike. The saddle for everyone, as long as you’re electrified.

Actually, this release has caused the office to go a little trip down memory lane. Check back soon for some of our favourite weird saddles…

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