Today At Eurobike: Video Round Up Day 2

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The Eurobike odyssey continues for our roving reporters, bringing you all the news from the industry. What you’re seeing now will be in your local bike shops and out on the trails soon. Maybe there’s something that will be on your shopping list for the year ahead? Or maybe you’re looking at these things wondering ‘who on earth buys this stuff?’. Whatever your attitude, it can be interesting and entertaining to marvel at all the developments out there. Here’s today’s video round up, don’t forget to check out the full stories here.

Orange 29er DH Bike?

WTF Is SBG? Transition Bikes Explains

OMATA Analogue/Digital Bike Computer

Rocky Mountain Instinct And Pipeline

Trickstuff Bottom Bracket

Inside The Cane Creek Helm Coil

Eurobike Fashion Dance Off

Well. That’s quite enough of that. Check back in tomorrow! Be sure to follow our Facebook page to be notified of any videos as they’re published, and to read all our Eurobike 2017 coverage, head here.

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