Standby For Action! Bouh Stingray Now On Kickstarter

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Today’s Kickstarter gold comes from a new start-up named Bouh which has created a clever two-in-one device that has been designed to keep both rider and bike safe while commuting.

Bouh calls its product the Stingray, “The ultimate bicycle light and smart alarm” and looking at the design and features of the device we imagine that a lot of riders will be interested in the high-tech features it has to offer.

The Stingray comes in two modular parts, a cradle that houses a smart alarm system that mounts to your bike, and a slide in torch with built in front light and large 2600mAh Li-Po battery.

bouh stingray
Alarm and light all-in-one

Bouh has designed the cradle to safely fasten to the bike via a hard to cut steel fastening mechanism that’s secured with a tamper proof custom key that Bouh claims to be almost impossible to remove.

bouh stingray

Inside the cradle lives a clever alarm that activates once the torch is removed. The smart alarm boasts a 6 axis motion sensor and has been programmed with algorithms to ensure it knows the difference between an accidental bump or an attempted theft. Should the smart alarm decide that a theft is in progress a 120dB siren alerting anyone nearby.

bouh stingray
Modular design means the torch can be removed when parked.

The torch portion of the device can give up to 15 hours of life when set to its low light setting mode, and when connected to the cradle will charge the alarm from the internal 2600mAh battery for 28 days of continued use.

Other standout features include an alloy, weatherproof body, 4 x light modes, and simple USB recharging.

bouh stingray
What’s in the box?

Bouh currently has the Stingray on Kickstarter with pledges starting from just £50.00 and a current schedule that will see the final product ship by March 2018.

Watch the Bouh Stingray promo video below. Don’t see the video? Click here.

For more details about the Stingray and to learn about Manchester based Bouh head over to the official Kickstarter page here.

Here’s a little information about Bouh from the Kickstarter page:

“It all started after my bicycle was stolen… several times. One of these times even included having it stolen in person. I began thinking about how easy it was for this to happen, and I wanted a better solution that could add an extra layer of security but also fit into any cyclist’s lifestyle. From this passion, I developed Stingray – a bicycle light with a built in alarm system. It gives you immediate protection when you need it, it’s robust, reliable and loud; but most of all it’s really, really easy to use! I’ve been developing Stingray for over two years now, starting from my bedroom (June 2015) to a full functioning product development team (June 2017). Some of you may have also noted we did a crowdfunding campaign last year in Oct 2016.

My background is in engineering, and I have long loved the technical aspects to any project. We have a planned trip to China after the campaign where we intend to meet with our short list of manufacturers. I understand the complexity of manufacture and the difficulties of building a new product and getting it shipped out across the world. We have some great fulfilment partners in Manchester to manage our stock and shipments – they have a track record of first class service. Our product design team also have over 15 years’ experience and have brought many products to market – the knowledge they bring to the table is invaluable. Further supported by our seeding investment, we are in a strong position to build and deliver Stingray whilst making no compromises to quality. We hope you can support us, and join us on our mission to make better bicycle security.

The Bouh vision: empower cyclists to feel safe whilst riding and parking their bikes. I know the shocking feeling you get when something of yours is stolen when your stomach makes its way into your throat and you wonder what could have been done differently. I hope Stingray can be of genuine benefit to many people by giving them that extra layer of protection and comfort when they need it most.”

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    I can’t get involved with anything that describes itself as having the ability to ’empower’.

    I just can’t.

    I’m with pimpmaster…

    I would suspect that a pair of long molegrips on the alarm and a bit of leverage and that unit will snap right off that bars. I’d give it 10 seconds max.
    Anyway, I deleted my Kickstarter account after ripped off a couple of times, and Kickstarter hiding behind their BS terms and conditions.

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