Flaer Launch Revo Terra Chain Lube System

by David Hayward 3

UK based Flaer have previously released an automated chain lubrication system for road bikes, and have just announced one for mountain bikes, the Revo Terra.

Flaer Terra
It’s waterproof, and not just because oil and water don’t mix.

It bolts onto any bottle cage bosses on your frame, then a pipe leads to the rear derailleur where it will periodically drop oil on your chain. Note the Flaer do not call it oil, but say it’s a specially formulated fluid that’s biodegradable, and apparently keeps your drivetrain clean even in the filthiest of conditions.

We have one in for testing and have already given it to one of the highest mileage riders we know, so look out for the upcoming review.

Remote chain oilers have been made before at various points in cycling history, but unlike previous devices, the Revo Terra has a control box you can use to vary the flow rate depending on conditions, meaning the refill interval can vary from 15 to 75 hours of riding. You’ll get more than one device refill out of a single bottle of Flaer’s Terra Fluid, and the system weighs 137g before filling.

Flaer Terra
The Terra mounts to any bottle cage bosses.

RRP is £250 for the Revo Terra system, which you can buy direct from Flaer (as well as fluid here), or from any of the distributors and bike shops listed on their website.

“The world’s first chain performance system for Mountain Bikes will ensure your transmission operates at its best from start to finish, no matter what the conditions. By applying a precise quantity of our specially developed Terra Fluid to the chain as you ride you can get 5% more power to the wheel, experience smoother gear shifts and a visibly cleaner transmission, making chain suck a thing of the past. Built and tested to withstand the toughest trails, the Revo Terra keeps your transmission running cleaner, faster, better!

“Our unique, fluid formula ensures your transmission stays super clean, even in the worst of conditions, so all your effort is transferred to the trail and so you can climb easier, descend harder and ride better.”

(No video? Try this link).

Flaer Terra
Flaer are based in the UK, so this won’t suffer the way things can when they’ve been designed somewhere dusty for 90% of the year.

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  1. i reckon id kill that in 3 months (1 ride a week)

  2. (Cough) Scotoiler (cough)! And only a tenth of the price!

    Fair play for coming up with a tech solution though.

  3. But the whole point of chain lube is to apply it before riding, letting it soak into the moving parts, then wiping the surface dry to avoid it attracting more cack, right? Has no one told them this?

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